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  1. @Xebeche You raise an excellent point and we will work to provide a more seamless experience going forward.
  2. @Gt-truthYes, we submitted v2.0.4 shortly after this morning
  3. @grahamperrin a resolution should be available later this week.
  4. @mightywomble Apologies for the mention on the Chromebook page creating the confusion with Malwarebytes Browser Guard on Chromebook. We have Chromebook support on our short term roadmap.
  5. @Bugbatter Currently there's no mechanism to update your email address, but don't be concerned. As we work on the roadmap we'll define the appropriate options. Our #1 priority will be our customers privacy.
  6. We don't officially support Linux yet. We have it on our roadmap to complete end to end testing and hope to announce official support soon.
  7. This illustrates a root problem of having no way to identify your user base. If you don't have people do a minimal registration you don't have a way to know which of your products they are using so you annoy them with links to things they already have. This is a reason why we are asking for email address (with NO other personally identifiable information). We do have a roadmap item to look for solutions in the short term.
  8. @AragainFalls It's on our short term roadmap. Most Chromebook testing went very well but we need to do a thorough end to end test before formally announcing support.
  9. Thank you for this information. Unfortunately we do not officially support Chromebook at this time. We hope to announce support in the future.
  10. @grahamperrin we're working on a solution and hope to have something available soon.
  11. @WarrenTaylor sure thing, and we appreciate your support of Malwarebytes.
  12. The chrome based MS Edge is only in beta: https://blogs.windows.com/windowsexperience/2019/08/20/introducing-microsoft-edge-beta-be-one-of-the-first-to-try-it-now/ If you're running this beta version of MS Edge our current testing shows Malwarebytes Browser Guard is compatible.
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