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  1. V3.2.0 Improvements/Features New onboarding experience Updated translations Support for connection rule by Port for Bypass VPN (IPv4 only) Stability/Issues fixed Misc bug fixes
  2. Appreciate your feedback. The extension has to be opted into in order for it to be installed so there is nothing sneaky about it. It also provides protection that can't be duplicated outside of the browser and doesn't create any noticable impact to speed. If you'd prefer not to use it then it's your option to skip installing it.
  3. This block is being removed. Please allow 2 hrs for it to propagate out.
  4. V3.1.0 Improvements/Features Activate additional Windows devices with an MB Code. Stability/Issues fixed Misc bug fixes
  5. gatortail

    website blocked

    This block will be removed. Please allow 2 hrs for it to propagate out.
  6. This block has been removed. Please allow 2 hrs for it to propagate out.
  7. @Raph81 You may start a trial from Malwarebytes.com/vpn, from the Apple app store, or the Google Play store. The trial is available on 5 devices for 7 days on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. The restore purchase option on iOS is for purchases that were made thru the Apple app store. If your trial was started from one of the other platforms then you need to ensure you have created a Malwarebytes Account and follow the "I already have a subscription" path. Please see: https://support.malwarebytes.com/hc/en-us/articles/1500004151222-Malwarebytes-Privacy-for-iOS-guide
  8. This block will be removed. Please allow 2 hrs for it to propagate out.
  9. New installs have a version of the db from a point in time. The extension will reach out silently for db updates, but if you install and immediately try the site before the silent update occurs you're still operating from the old db. Once the silent update occurs you are actually up to date and the block no longer occurs.
  10. @QuestionScout I'm not seeing a block in Chrome. Please close and restart your browser and confirm you are running v2.3.2?
  11. No worries. Yes, if Auto Connect is On then on reboot the app will automatically reconnect even if it was off prior to the reboot.
  12. You have Auto Connect set to Off?
  13. @tworld apologies as this appears to be a bug. For now if you turn off Scams for this page it should display correctly.
  14. @Carcharadon could you please upgrade to v3.0 before you capture updated logs.
  15. And the potential of Browser Guard communicating with Premium is for the Consumer product only.
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