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  1. This site was whitelisted.
  2. This site has been whitelisted. Please allow 30 minutes to update.
  3. This site will be reviewed for potential whitelisting.
  4. VirusTotal supports blocking this site.
  5. You download the extension from the Chrome or Mozilla stores.
  6. This block is actually coming from our Premium product. I had the site reviewed by that team and the Trojan block is being removed. Please give it an hour to update.
  7. gatortail

    Browser Guard

    We appreciate your support!
  8. This site was whitelisted, please allow up to 30 minutes for it to take effect.
  9. This site has been whitelisted.
  10. This site has been whitelisted.
  11. We will review the site for whitelisting.
  12. I did not experience this block in version 2.2.0 once added to the allow list. Subsequently I just had the trojan block removed.
  13. I've requested a review of the site for whitelisting.
  14. The site is being reviewed for whitelisting.
  15. gatortail

    Browser Guard

    Please ensure you have v2.2.0 installed and let us know your experience.
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