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Thanks @BillH99999

I don't think Malwarebytes Browser Guard will reach the level of Ad blocking that uBlock Origin has for a while. It was started in 2014 by Raymond Hill and has community-maintained lists that have been built and culled for the past 5 years.

However, Malwarebytes Browser Guard blocks many things that uBlock Origin does not block and in time hopefully new features and better lists will emerge to help improve the product.



Please continue to report issues as you find them.

Thank you



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Thanks for the reply.  I agree.  I use both uBlock Origin and Malwarebytes myself.  Today I just turned uBlock Origin off for awhile to see if Malwarebytes would catch things by itself on some sites.  This was the only site I tried that Malwarebytes didn't block.  Thought I'd report it just to help you build up your database.  If I run across others I'll report them as well.


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One of the difficult ones to block off and on even for uBlock Origin is the YouTube videos. Google keeps updating their code and trying to break these Ad blockers - so far our Malwarebytes Browser Guard even without uBlock Origin is doing well at blocking the in-video Ads

Thanks again and have a great weekend Bill


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