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Is the extension for firefox out of date?

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Hello, I make a query, why are the versions of firefox and chrome different for the extension of malwarebytes? The extension for firefox looks different than chrome. Attached are some screenshots. Thank you very much. Regards.


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There was a delay in the update for Firefox. We're anticipating that it will be corrected and updated by tomorrow. This will be a release and no longer in beta

Thank you



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Will we have to just install over the older version we have?

Will it update automatically?

Do we remove the older version first?

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In theory it will auto-update but if you're like me I don't trust or allow Mozilla either so auto updates don't happen for me like that.

They are working on the documentation for the new pinned topic which should answer such questions. Myself I always prefer clean so I would remove the extension and then install the new one when ready.


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The Chrome extension on Edge Beta and Vivaldi did an auto-update so we shall see what it does on Firefox.

I had to turn on the permissions and the settings but it is working great.

Jim 😁

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I got it through auto-update and I found it was not getting any hits on the same sites that the old version had hits.

I deleted the new extension and installed from the store. Now it is getting hits.

Jim 😎

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