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  1. Hello, there's an error in the amount of scan detections that malwarebytes reports. Attached images. If you can fix it very grateful in advance. Best regards.
  2. Hello, I'd like to know when Malwarebytes version 4 will be released. Thank you very much in advance. Best regards.
  3. https://www.virustotal.com/#/url/76f5e933a8cf945825b0d907c29c01b7aef59435c955280d9c0342ddd72b5b3e/detection
  4. Hello, Malwarebytes is blocking my site and I would like you to unblock it. https://www.emanueltomasinborda.xyz/ Thank you very much in advance. Best regards.
  5. To this day the only tool I am seeing that is used a lot is FRST and has great prestige and fame. That's why I propose ComboFix as a complement or alternative to FRST. I think, as I said before, it would be a growth for the company to develop an advanced disinfection tool free for end users and sure to be news. Best regards.
  6. Thank you very much for your reply. But if you look a little in the network you will realize that there are thousands of requests for the tool to run on windows 10. I think of the company Malwarebytes and its prestige. Making develop this tool would give you many benefits. Well it is only my opinion. Best regards.
  7. Hi, I would like to suggest that you develop the ComboFix tool. Take advantage that you have the creator of the tool in your team. It would be a very successful product as everyone is looking for windows 10. Of course with the signature of Malwarebytes. That would lead them to create a powerful disinfection tool compatible with the most current operating systems and would undoubtedly raise the fame of the company Malwarebytes even further. Well this is my suggestion. Best regards.
  8. "Jubile your antivirus" says on the download site. Then I think you should behave as such. Best regards and thank you very much.
  9. Because of mabm's passivity, I got infected. I was only detected by threats when performing a personalized analysis. Please reconsider how mbam acts if you really want it to be an AV. Thank you very much. Best regards. File: 2 MachineLearning/Anomalous.100%, C:\USERS\?\APPDATA\LOCAL\MOZILLA\FIREFOX\PROFILES\7400HN0W.DEFAULT\CACHE2\ENTRIES\0772946FA485DDB3CCC77F3A4C8A468B40DA04A7, Delete-on-Reboot, [0], [392687],1.0.8155 Trojan.Downloader.NSIS, C:\USERS\?\APPDATA\LOCAL\TEMP\APAQ_V_0.ZIP.PART, Delete-on-Reboot, [8001], [575173],1.0.8155
  10. Excuse me, but I'm trying my best to help. Don't get angry. I'm new at this. Greetings.
  11. Hi, thank you very much. But I only put the original links. Best regards.
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