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  1. I have MB deployed at my company locations and we've been discussing this topic since yesterday afternoon. Do you think Malwarebytes will look into this and update this thread as new information becomes available? It would be good to know for sure. Thank you in advance to all at Malwarebytes, Rob
  2. I believe I have the answer for you. If I open MB 3.8.3 and click the opening screen's Scan Now button, the scan takes only 41 seconds. I believe that this is because the default is an intelligent scan where MB knows to not bother scanning files it's already scanned, AND, have not changed since the last scan. I believe what you are asking for is, how to do a complete scan. If that's the case, click on Scan on the left menu and click on Custom Scan. Select all relevant drive letters (at least C:). Note - scanning for rootkits is generally not needed, unless you have a reason to feel you may have a rootkit-based infection. Scanning for rootkits in addition to the other options can significantly increase the scan time. Next, click on Scan Now. For me, he process time is 6 minutes and 12 seconds - without checking for rootkits. Your results will be different based on the amount and type of files on your computer along with the speed of your computer's hardware - especially if you use a conventional rotational hard drive instead of a SSD, amount and type of startup items, etc. I hope this answers your question and solves your quandary.
  3. There seems to be an error in one of the pages exile360 references above. When you go to this page, there are a bunch of exclusions that are written as, "C:\Windows\Sysnative..." I believe this should read, C:\Windows\System32... i.e. C:\Windows\System32\drivers\mwac.sys C:\Windows\System32\drivers\mbamswissarmy.sys C:\Windows\System32\drivers\mbamchameleon.sys C:\Windows\System32\drivers\farflt.sys C:\Windows\System32\drivers\mbae64.sys
  4. You might want to try using the free version of CCleaner from https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner. I wonder if it's scanning your mailbox (.ost or .pst file). I keep my mail files on another drive letter, so I'm not sure where the default would put them, but my roaming\Microsoft folder is only 54MB, so it surely wouldn't take any time during a scan. If you right click on the Microsoft folder and select properties, what size does it show?
  5. yup. It worked for me. Any link = this post.. anytime = just now. anywhere - hmm.. I don't travel much. I've even seen Apple has now started telling users to use MB if they have reason to believe their Mac has malware/pup/pum.
  6. What they said was, "Opening your wallet does not guarantee you a better product. The $60 Malwarebytes Premium and $50 Dr. Web Security Space suites both scored lower than Windows Defender without offering any meaningful extras. The $50 G Data Internet Security - 2018 at least had email protection and spam and parental filters." They show two versions on their site. One for $28 and one for $60. The $28 gets about 7 user reviews - very favorable. The $60 only has one review, not favorable, but, something doesn't seem right. The person states, Cost is 210.00 [Ed. !?!?] "Just a complete RIP off that you can't get your money back. Do not let them on your computer." [I think this user may have accidentally written a review for the wrong product.] $28 (I think this product may be an old version) Highs •Used with Windows Defender, very good at blocking most Web threats •Better than Defender at detecting malware execution Lows •Not as easy to use as most •Weak at detecting malware in a scan •Requires restarting to complete disinfection •Not good at blocking phishing Websites •Lacks parental filter and spam filter $60 Malwarebytes Premium 2018 Highs Nothing noteworthy Lows •Does not have informative help •Does not have a firewall •Does not have a spam filter •Does not have a parental filter •Does not have a password manager •Does not have back-up •Does not have e-mail protection Personally - I think the product is great. No Informative help - For most users, it's a "set it and forget it" product that silently does what it should - keeps you safe. No firewall through no email protection - Ok. Leave it up to the purchaser to decide if those features are something they want/need. (Though I would think if malware came in through an email, MB would stop it.) So, despite Consumer Reports review, what you do get is a product that is one of the best at keeping you safe. Doesn't matter if you call it a virus, malware, hacked, breached, exploited, potentially unwanted program, potentially unwanted modification - we all have an idea of what we want and expect our computers to do. Malwarebytes does an incredible job of keeping the computer doing exactly what you expect it to do, and nothing it shouldn't do, with no surprises. And, yes, I've had problems with Malwarebytes. I've actually had some very serious problems in a corporate environment with Malwarebytes due to errors on their part. It hasn't all been a lovely joy ride. And I do see all the enquiries on the forums here with people having problems. Sometimes a computer is messed up, or, just has an unusual configuration and you may need MB's tech support to help you out. I can't think of any product that when you release it to the masses, 100s of thousands of users (or more), that will always work just right. It is not possible, provided the program does anything of notable complexity. Computers are just too complicated due to a huge number of variables and possible configurations. Windows and OS X aren't close operating systems (kind of like iOS). You can modify Windows/OS X in so many ways (hence the term PC - personal computer - you can personalize it to your liking), and programs can modify the computer in more ways than could ever be conceived - even by those who write the operating system. So, in the end, you try to find the programs that overall, have a good track record, and, the one that works best for you. For all the computers I've had and supported, I know a lot of IT techs, myself included, rely on Malwarebytes and are grateful the product. In the end, it makes our lives easier. Ok - now go ahead and bash me for my views.
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