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Random facts about yourself


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If anyone here would like to share random facts about themselves or the world, this is the thread to do it. If you do not wish to share any information about yourself, then you have no obligation to participate.
My random fact(s) of the day:

  1. The name Amaroq is an alias of mine, since I try to avoid using my legal name online unless I have a good reason to do so (such as when signing up for a job. I haven't had much luck there). I first started using the name several years ago because I was only twelve when I started using the internet (I'm 21 now), and it is also the name of a wolf from Inuit mythology. I was inspired to use this name by a really good book I had read, called Julie of the Wolves.
  2. My favorite color is blue. Especially a dark, vivid blue. Bonus points if it is accented by White, a Golden-Yellow, or both.
  3. My favorite musician is Wolfgun, though I am a fan of electronic music in general, especially the kind that is sequenced by the player or engine during playback as opposed to being rendered as a WAV file or MP3.
  4. I am predominantly left-handed, except when using a computer; I always use the mouse as if I were right-handed, since I don't have to reconfigure anything that way.
  5. I have never exactly been photogenic. I am also not in the best shape, so that may also have something to do with my distaste for photos being taken of me.
  6. My voice can sound somewhat young or effeminate at times, especially over the phone, due to years of practice in trying to emulate the voices of various singers and actors.
  7. Though I have friends all over the world (thanks, internet!), not once have I set foot on another country's soil. Given recent sociopolitical and socioeconomic trends however, both domestic and worldwide, I have been strongly considering moving to another country at the first opportunity. I probably wouldn't last five minutes anywhere else, though, excluding Canada due to its overall similarity to the US.
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Here's some random facts on me

1. I am studying on graphic design, I was considering cyber security as a career but I felt graphic design would fit me better but I am still studying cyber security as I find it very interesting and it's always good to have a plan B.

2. I'm a night owl, I love staying up a lot of times.

3. When I was younger I fell for a "free minecraft" download and got malware on our old pc which slowed it down and put adware on it.

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10 hours ago, Amaroq_Starwind said:

Generally, the most secure answer to a secret question is something completely nonsensical that only you'd understand. For example, you name a person when it asks for a place.

Yep, or even create additional random passwords as responses, or just absurd stuff.  That's generally what I do, that way it reduces the probability of anyone guessing correctly as well as reducing the amount of personal info I give out to anyone.

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