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  1. When the heck did this happen? O.o All I can say is... Wow. Thank you. I don't know what I did right, but I'm really happy to know that I made a good impression on somebody. 🦊
  2. Well now, that's going to be a wonderful new rabbit hole for us to explore~!
  3. Okay, that is not cool. That is SOOOOOO not cool. Just... no! DISCLAIMER: In the following post, "you" refers solely to the people doing this, not the person relaying the previous post. You can mess with our industrial operations. You can mess with our small businesses. You can steal money from our millionaires... But mess with the emergency services, and that's going too far. Why can't we have cyberpunk-genre-style Black Ice to protect those things?
  4. Oh yeah, it's happening~! Maybe I can finally diversify away from DuckDuckGo?
  5. Oh hey, 120 terabytes should be enough to store a copy of the most-precisely-ever precalculated value of pi. Cool stuff~!
  6. I think what we need is full-on legislation making the practice of individually-targeted (and/or "personalized") advertising illegal, as well as selling personally identifiable information. The legally acceptable limit should be localized advertisements (location and language), and nothing more. And the penalty should not be a fine. It should be risk of full-on liquidation (if you're based in participating countries), or a ban on conducting business in said countries (if you're not based in them).
  7. Okay, now that's just overkill... All the more reason we'll probably never see this in the consumer space!
  8. Wait, I live approximately near there! (Not too near, mind you.)
  9. Uh... question! How do you scan a script? Scripts can take literally any form.
  10. Maybe Microsoft should offer to re-hire Dave Plummer as an OS developer, because unlike the current people writing the OS, Dave was actually very competent back when he worked on XP. Heck, he invented Task Manager!
  11. Epic. We need more of innovations like these! 🦊 Perhaps they could be a sort of 'training wheels' for bacterial cocktails? (Just don't make any electrical insulation out of the stuff, because biodegrading wire jackets are bad.)
  12. But that just prevents WebRTC leaks. You sadly don't actually get the Tor functionality without the TOR browser itself... Though thankfully, that happens to itself be a Firefox branch! In my honest opinion, I think that it would be great if TOR became the standard for... Everything. It's just a shame that it's so slow.
  13. I didn't say that it doesn't detect it, just that Malwarebytes itself would be more effective on M1 Macs if it didn't need to run through Rosetta~
  14. Time to get the Mac version of Malwarebytes ported over to ARM.
  15. Also, because those exploit protection features need to be performed in software (when your CPU doesn't support CET), there is probably quite a large performance bottleneck.
  16. If you want this kind of bacteria to actually be helpful, and safe, you would need to genetically modify it so that it cannot survive in an oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere. You'd also need to flood the surrounding terrain with a complex combination of antibiotics (many kinds), bacteriophages (to kill any bacteria that became antibiotic-resistant), antibodies to fight those bacteriophages if they themselves get out of control, and benign bacteria that can crowd out the more dangerous bacteria that you're trying to keep in check.
  17. We should write a bot that patrols websites using various user agent strings, and uses mechanisms to detect FakeAlerts and/or trace them back to their source.
  18. Yeah, bacteria evolve very quickly to deal with changes in their environment... And the abundance of inedible plastics made them evolve to eat said plastic. That sounds amazing in concept, but also terrifying: We rely on a lot of things made of plastic specifically because they don't biodegrade easily. If bacteria start eating things we don't want them to, it can cause problems. Just look at the insulation for electrical wiring. We don't want bacteria eating that, especially if that bacteria gets out into the wild. And don't even get me started on things like hermetically sealed structures...
  19. What do you think future Malwarebytes UIs will look like?
  20. Yay. Another Battery-Supercapacitor-Hybrid that will never make it to market. As for the cookie replacement thing, I think it would be better if personalized advertisements were banned outright. Localized advertisements (Location and Language, no more, no less) are fine. But anything that changes from person to person? That needs to be made illegal outright.
  21. Finally. I've been waiting for Gate-All-Around FETs for years. And also Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors... Tunnel FETs... Bidirectional Insulated Gate BJTs (basically a FET and BJT combined)... Widespread adoption of Silicon Carbide, Silicon Germanium and Strained Silicon... Widespread adoption of Gray Code architectures... I've been following cutting edge processor technologies for years.
  22. It would have been really nice if the person who wrote this paper had instead sent it directly to Anti-Malware authors so that they could get a headstart, instead of publishing it on the web so that potentially anyone on the planet could read it.
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