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  1. Welp. Looks like Right-to-Left support can be a bad thing at times. Maybe Malwarebytes should be updated to detect these sorts of things during filesystem scans.
  2. Normally I am extremely in favor of backwards compatibility, but there are times when I feel like my opinion on the matter has switched places with Microsoft's. This is one of those times.
  3. Maybe Microsoft should make a UWP version of office. It would potentially be lighter, more stable and more secure.
  4. Hello! First off, I'd like to state that this is the first complete Filesystem scan I have run on my computer since I upgraded to a Solid State Drive. Man, that went by fast. There's an administrative/security utility I downloaded a while back called Hard Configurator. Today, Malwarebytes identified it as a threat when I did a Filesystem scan. While I do trust the software to a reasonable extent and am sure that it's a false positive, I would still like an investigation and second opinion of the software. Here's the scan log. Official website of the software: https://hard-configurator.com/ Github repository: https://github.com/AndyFul/Hard_Configurator Website where I first found it: https://www.majorgeeks.com/files/details/hard_configurator.html Do let me know what turns up during the investigation. If I'm right, it should be safe, but until that's proven I'll keep it quarantined. Hard_Configurator.txt
  5. There are certain situations where a user might need to temporarily disable a protection layer because it's causing issues with their system, such as putting too much strain on system resources in the case of Ransomware Protection (especially on older computers like mine). However, having to turn that protection layer back on afterwards, sometimes a user can forget to do that, or they might be away from their computer for longer than they expect, leaving their system vulnerable in that time. As such, it would be appreciated if users could pause a real-time protection layer, and have it unpause automatically after a certain amount of time, when certain conditions are met, or both. Additionally, a user could configure rules to prohibit pausing a protection layer under certain conditions, or automatically pause it under other conditions. I'd appreciate some feedback on this idea.
  6. The one type of exclusion that Malwarebytes doesn't seem to allow users to configure is Registry exclusions, be it individual settings or entire keys. In particular, ForceActiveDesktopOn keeps getting quarantined by Malwarebytes, but I need Active Desktop in order for certain software I use to work, for example DOSBox (don't ask me why DOSBox requires Active Desktop, but there's an unofficial patch being made which removes that dependency). Could the option to add Registry exclusions to Malwarebytes be added in the future?
  7. Thankfully, you can turn that crap off through Registry and Group Policy edits.
  8. I was talking with some folks in the ReactOS chat, and one of them shared this link. https://www.ghacks.net/2019/04/17/microsoft-lost-control-over-the-windows-tiles-domain-and-someone-took-it/ I'm feeling a mixture of relief, amusement, and disappointment. Relief because no web content for Live Tiles means fewer distractions and resource hogs, disappointment because there was potential for Live Tiles to actually be quite useful, and amusement because of the fact that Microsoft didn't even care enough about the domain to keep it up. Does anyone have thoughts to share on this rather ironic development?
  9. Including an option to switch between using more RAM or using more CPU would be smart. This is also where using Large Memory Pages would come in handy, as that would reduce both CPU and disk usage, as well as reducing fragmentation.
  10. On the subject of government computers... Anyone else feel bad for the IRS?
  11. This video is all you need to know: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intel_Management_Engine Millions of servers are using this... I'm pretty sure that the only way to get an x86 CPU without it is to be a CIA, NSA or Military operative.
  12. Actually, @UltraDyne maybe you can give WehnTrust a try. Also, if the latest version of Firefox or Tor Browser still runs on Windows XP, then you can also use the Malwarebytes browser extension.
  13. This is just incredible. I honestly can't believe somebody would take the time to design, build and test something like this, or that it can even run. Of course, I would not expect this thing to be running DOS any time soon... But still, I have nothing but respect for the people who engineer these things.
  14. Another way that such a feature could be used is to present a special GUI for any licenses that are sold on the Malwarebytes 15th anniversary (which is coming up in a few years).
  15. I was digging through some old computer catalogs, and found references to Windows Vista (PRODUCT) RED stuff. I looked it up, and it seems really interesting. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Product_Red Being able to supplement your own branding with an awesome red color scheme and a really distinctive logo, and donating half your profits to charity? What's not to like about that? So I was wondering... What if there were a Malwarebytes (PRODUCT) RED edition? Say that the user purchases a (PRODUCT) RED license key and enters it, the licensing server will recognize that it is a special license and tell the client to present the user with an alternate GUI. An optional one, anyway. I'd buy that.
  16. Maybe I was thinking more along the lines of Sequel Server / SQL Server specifically. (Full disclosure: WinFS was basically just the Sequel engine repurposed to supplement a computer filesystem, search index, etc.) So if we adjust our scope slightly, we might get somewhere; What could you do to protect a sequel database from attack and remediate afterwards? How could you use a sequel database to mitigate or prevent attack against the rest of the system? I'm honestly struggling to figure out if there's actually any difference between what I'm trying to describe and what Malwarebytes already does, to be honest...
  17. David has a point. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_XP#Service_Pack_3 The only thing you'd lose by upgrading to Service Pack 3 is an address bar on the taskbar. At least, feature-wise. Compatibility-wise, you shouldn't lose anything, but you did mention something about Tool Certification, @UltraDyne? Could you elaborate even a little?
  18. I think this might actually depend on which changes were made in Service Pack 3 that were incompatible with Service Pack 2.
  19. Something I've been wondering about for a while... If you could combine your traditional Filesystem with a relational database (for example, WinFS), how would you be able to make use of that in an anti-malware engine? Like, is there any way that a tool could be developed which could comb database tables for anything suspicious, help track malicious files based on their relationships with each other (for example, to more easily locate them in the Filesystem), or anything else of the sort? And more importantly, what would suspicious activity on a relational database even look like? It seems like having anti-malware engines that are able to take advantage of relational databases in some form would be a no-brainer, but it's just really hard to imagine any actual implementation or any specific applications.
  20. @NouH As somebody who's had similar issues in the past, I have some advice that could help: If you right-click on the installer before you run it, and go into "Properties", you can enable compatibility mode for Windows 7. When you use compatibility mode for the installer, it should tell Windows 10 to run the driver with compatibility workarounds. I can give you no guarantees that it will actually fix your issue, but it might help.
  21. Gmail does this for my own notifications from the Malwarebytes Forums, moving them to the Spam folder, except it does so with all Malwarebytes notifications. I had to manually create a filter to prevent the messages from being moved spam.
  22. I'm very sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, the only surefire solution in that situation is upgrade your computer, which sadly will always be an expensive thing to do. Doesn't matter which you slice it. Maybe in the future, the Malwarebytes team will give you two options; Use more CPU to save memory, or use more memory to save CPU.
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