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  1. It works, I didn't even think of that, thank you very much, but I am however a bit worried about having flash due to it having some security issues
  2. I'm not sure if I was doing it properly, but I pressed the lock button then went to "more information" at the bottom and went to permissions and unchecked default and then pressed "allow" on flash but when I reloaded the page it still wasn't working unfortunately
  3. Sorry for using the quote instead of the BB tags there! Thank you for the information, I wish the site owners could do better with their security, Virustotal showed the site as clean but it is unfortunate that they arent being the most secure with their site with Adobe Flash and such.
  4. Hello! Thanks for your reply, it's https://transformice.com It has a grey pad lock due to it being not fully encrypted is the issue that I noticed
  5. Hello, I don't know where here to post this so apologies if General Chat isn't the correct place. so I was curious on how I can get Firefox to let me visit a safe game website, it loads the website and it won't load the game cause it says "connection is not secure." And I can't figure out on how I can get it to not block the game from loading, can someone help me out with this please? Thanks! (The game is offical, it's not anything pirated or dodgy.)
  6. tried to download Malwarebytes Anti Ransomware, it showed there was a incompatibility and wouldn't download, anti exploit downloaded well though.
  7. Also a quick question, is the Malwarebytes Binisoft Windows Firewall lightweight?
  8. I will definitely do that! I will soon uninstall Avast and use Windows Defender along with a firewall and anti exploit and anti ransomwear (I also already have the malwarebytes chrome extension so I won't have to worry about that one) will I also have to use Avasts uninstall tool to get rid of all of its files? Or is that only for troubleshooting?
  9. That's a good idea, I'll definitely use that method, thank you!
  10. Thank you both for the suggestions! I at the moment am using Malwarebytes free, do you think Windows defender would be a good option still without full time protection?
  11. Hello, so I am currently using Avast but I am curious if from anyone's experiences here if Sophos provides more protection then Avast? (Or if it in general is a better product.) I've used it only once to do a scan to make sure there was no viruses Avast didn't catch. Also in general I am a bit unsure about Avast due to it using so much resources and was curious if Sophos was also more lightweight? Thanks- Casper
  12. Okay! Thank you so much for your help
  13. thanks, here it is malwarebytes log.txt
  14. Hello, when I let Malwarebytes remove it I then closed out of it and forgot to save the log unfortunately
  15. hello, so i let Malwarebytes scan my pc and it found a malware file (this is a shared PC, someone downloaded some files for work and i'm guessing some of them were malware) and Avast didn't detect anything and i let Malwarebytes remove the malware, to be sure there's nothing else that Malwarebytes didn't pick up since there was a lot of files that the person who i kinda share this laptop with downloaded, Addition_01-06-2019 12.32.22.txt FRST_01-06-2019 12.32.22.txt
  16. I didn't even notice that when I watched it! it's definitely cool to see that
  17. Thank you for answering my questions! And okay good thing it isn't a big concern with my IP being known and I did use havenibeenpwned it's how I found out, I just forgot to mention that and i believe I am safe on the bank info since it isn't associated or anything with it. the game was Club Penguin Rewritten, and this happened actually very recently
  18. So this was I believe last year, or so, since the game was deleted and someone reuploaded it and I created a account and played it just for childhood nostalgia, now recently the data was breached and affected a load of people that also played it, it breached the password, IP address (which has me most worried) and email address, besides using more unique passwords and being more careful, how will this affect me now that my IP address and email have been breached? I'm not too familiar on this topic so sorry if it sounds silly.
  19. Oh sorry about that, a few days is what I meant
  20. So I should just use hibernate but disable faststart on my laptop? I'm not sure if this was the reason but before I reset windows on my pc when I just closed the laptop putting it to sleep (I forgot to close open programs a lot of times) some files got corrupted (and the PC was clean from any infection) and I've read that having programs open and just putting the pc to sleep for a long time can cause files to be corrupted?
  21. So I was wondering when I'm done with my laptop for a long while should I just close all programs and files and turn it off with the power button or shut it down? I've seen mixed answers when I google it and I was wondering which one is more likely the best option?
  22. Here's some random facts on me 1. I am studying on graphic design, I was considering cyber security as a career but I felt graphic design would fit me better but I am still studying cyber security as I find it very interesting and it's always good to have a plan B. 2. I'm a night owl, I love staying up a lot of times. 3. When I was younger I fell for a "free minecraft" download and got malware on our old pc which slowed it down and put adware on it.
  23. it didn't find anything and i haven't noticed any weird behavior with my PC so im assuming it is clean, would it also be okay if i removed Sophos? SophosVirusRemovalTool.log
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