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remove me from this forum, you did not tell me about the breach

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You mean the breach form 2014 that was remediated with which there there were no aftereffects ?  That breach ?

Malwarebytes did indeed send out an email notification indicating there was an event and requested users change their Forum Password.


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Hello @kissbaby

This is the exact email that went out to all users of the forum, and was sent out on Nov 10, 2014 as explained by @David H. Lipman


At IPS, we take the protection of your customer data and purchases seriously. In an effort to enhance account security, we have incorporated a new Question/Answer feature to your account. The next time you login to the client area at https://www.invisionpower.com/clients/ - you will be prompted to select a series of questions that will require an answer before you’re able to make future password, e-mail address or billing information changes.


As an added layer of protection, we have changed your password. To reset your password, please click here — be sure to use a secure password that is not used elsewhere. In the event of a breach on another website, the attacker would not be able to gain access to your IPS account using the common password.


Please note, these measures are merely precautionary and no breach to IPS systems has occurred. We have noticed an increase of license thefts that we have traced back to the fact that customers have often used the same password on multiple sites. Several of these major sites have been compromised in the past year and the attackers have built databases of e-mail addresses and passwords which are then used to gain access to other sites and accounts such as at IPS. Again, we must stress the importance of using unique passwords for all sites you visit.


Thank you for your cooperation with this matter and should you require any account assistance, please contact us via www.invisionpower.com


Your account was not affected as you signed up months after this happened, and why you did not get an email.

Thank you



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