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Activation Issue with Malwarebytes 3

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Is there a reason the Malwarebytes 3 installer won't accept lifetime or v2 keys?  This is happening repeatedly with different keys and different PCs.  I enter the id and key but the activate button never lights up.  So far the only fix is to uninstall v3, install MBAM v2, activate and then update to v3.

Today's scenario...  Client's PC freezing up.  Isolated the issue down to MBAM v2 by deactivating, uninstalling v2, rebooting and testing.  Installed v3 but could not get the activation button to light up.  Uninstalled v3, rebooted again, cleared the leftover folders in ProgramData, installed v2, activated then upgraded to v3.  This is plain silly...  even more so for the average home user with little or no technical experience.

The lifetime and v2 keys, as they are still valid, should activate v3 without issue... but they aren't accepted by the v3 installer.


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