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  1. The current issue with Chrome/Firefox flagging the current installer reminded me about this and it's also being blocked as malware despite being much older. The "Free Download" link off https://www.malwarebytes.com/ leads to a different, non current, installer "mb3-setup-54035.54035-" https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mb3_54035 instead of https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mb3 What's with the different installer?
  2. Great... thanks! I did look through the settings tabs first to see if this option already existed.
  3. Just came back to my Windows PC to find a popup from the MBAM app asking if I wanted to learn more about the android version. Why are we getting marketing popups?
  4. Received a tech support call already regarding this today. Re-scanning w/1.0.5376 cleared the detection. It's getting old quick fielding support calls that are completely related to the issues with Malwarebytes.
  5. Still with version 3.5.1 I am seeing these random mbamservice.exe issues where it's at 25% and the system is running so slow it's useless. With 3.4.5 it was the ransomware module. Disabling that in 3.5.1 seems to solve the problem. This is happening randomly with multiple customers. My customers aren't interested in me running your support tool and taking up their time diagnosing the issues with your program. All of the issues lately with Malwarebytes isn't acceptable. The drawbacks of running the program are coming close to outweighing it's benefit.
  6. Sounds very similar to the random issue I've been having for over a month. Initially I thought it was a repeat of the February update fiasco. System becomes almost totally non-responsive. Once task manager comes up, mbamservice.exe is running at 25% cpu. I kill the task, the system returns to normal and the task restarts itself.
  7. Since it's hitting every premium user it never should have made it out the door... Clearly wasn't tested in house before it went out.
  8. If a real person can't respond to an issue like this by now they need to stop releasing updates outside of normal business hours... This is totally unacceptable!
  9. Yes the latest update is effectively bricking the computer as it makes it so unresponsive it's impossible to use.
  10. Yeah the latest update is effectively bricking the computer... MBAMService.exe is using up all available memory, will not take "QUIT" as quit and keeps restarting MBAM. Serious lack of QA this morning!!!
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