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  1. I gather Malwarebytes staff doesn't have a fix either? The upgrade notification is beyond aggravating at this point.
  2. And the behavior I just described happens on every PC I manage with Malwarebytes on. Disabling full version notification and deleting the instlrupdate folder only works for less than a day until the instlrupdate has to be deleted AGAIN.
  3. Yes... I'm well aware of both of those links. Neither one keeps it from coming back. I disabled the full upgrade notification when V4 was first announced. Still got and continue to get the upgrade notification. I've deleted the instlrupdate folder no less than 5 times now including again between my first post and this one. That was less than 12 hours before the nag came back. Again I ask, how do i PERMANENTLY disable the upgrade notification?
  4. Ok so what was the point in v3 of having the option to disable notification of when a full version is available? V3.8.3 will NOT take no for an answer. Deleting the installer folder out of ProgramData only solves the issue for a few days (or less) now. When you release a new version of the MBSetup.exe file, the upgrade notification comes back anyways. Page after page of V4 issues here on the forums have convinced me to stay far away from V4 for the foreseeable future. What can be done to PERMANENTLY block the upgrade notification until I decide to upgrade? At this point it is bordering on harassment.
  5. The current issue with Chrome/Firefox flagging the current installer reminded me about this and it's also being blocked as malware despite being much older. The "Free Download" link off https://www.malwarebytes.com/ leads to a different, non current, installer "mb3-setup-54035.54035-" https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mb3_54035 instead of https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mb3 What's with the different installer?
  6. Great... thanks! I did look through the settings tabs first to see if this option already existed.
  7. Just came back to my Windows PC to find a popup from the MBAM app asking if I wanted to learn more about the android version. Why are we getting marketing popups?
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