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  1. dcollins

    the truth about Malwarebytes

    Locking this for lack of responses
  2. Have you tried launching Internet Explorer yet? If not, do that first. If you have, then please follow the instructions above to gather logs so we can troubleshoot what's going on.
  3. We already explained why there are so many requests for sites to be unblocked in the thread below. The short version is: At one time, those sites were doing something malicious (serving out infected files, serving as a bot control center, hosting malicious ads, etc) so they get blocked. Once users report that their sites are clean, we then remove the block on their page. Of note, since you mentioned the Malwarebytes browser extension, it uses the same database as Web Protection inside Malwarebytes, and adds some more protection as well. So if you're disabling Web Protection because you believe it has too many false positives, then using the Chrome extension isn't going to solve your issue.
  4. dcollins

    the truth about Malwarebytes

    @exile360 it's already been added
  5. Start by uninstalling Avast and seeing if that fixes that the issue, if not, then yes, please provide a new set of logs with Avast removed
  6. dcollins

    Total confusion

    We don't specifically call this URL anywhere in our application, which means it's most likely used for certificate checks on files as that site is a Symantec URL. It looks like when that site was blocked, we unblocked it pretty quick meaning it was most likely an FP.
  7. dcollins

    Malwarebytes got removed

    Yep, sounds like you're good to go! I'll check into the log to try and find out what happened so we can prevent it in the future, thanks for working with us
  8. Do you have your scan logs from the products that did detect the infection? If we're missing something, having that information would be very helpful so we can make sure we detect it in the future
  9. dcollins

    Malwarebytes got removed

    I'm actually not sure what happened here, but it looks like your installation got corrupted somehow. I'll dig through the logs to try and find out what happened, but for now, can you please use the Support Tool you used to gather logs, and instead click the Clean button on the advanced page? This will remove the currently installed version of Malwarebytes, then install the latest version.
  10. dcollins

    the truth about Malwarebytes

    I removed the live link in your post as the site directs users to download PUPs and Malware. This site looks to be peddling PUPs and Malware. The top three vendors listed are flagged as either PUP's (TotalAV) or Malware (Scanguard/PC Protect). On top of that, if I access the machine from a VM, the results are changed around, meaning the statistics they're showing are completely made up and false. While you are free to make your own opinion about Malwarebytes and whether or not to use our products, I would highly suggest using a more reputable source for your findings. Here's the results from my primary machine on the left compared to a virtual machine on the right. You can see the TotalAV (a classified PUP) is listed as #1 in both situations, but then the results change drastically. PC Protect changes position, as does ScanGuard (which is actually #6 in the computer on the right).
  11. dcollins

    Cannot Turn On MB Protection

    Please provide the logs requested above so we can help troubleshoot your issue
  12. dcollins

    Total confusion

    Thanks for the added info, I'm going to have to check with our engineers during the week to see what's going on. I have some ideas, but would like clarification before I start spreading information that may be false.
  13. dcollins

    Malwarebytes got removed

    Open Malwarebytes Navigate to Settings -> Application Click Install Application Updates (it might say Check for Application Updates on your version) Do you have automatic updates disabled? Because you're quite a few versions behind (4 or 5 if I'm remembering our release numbers correctly) so it makes me think you're updates aren't working properly. If clicking this button doesn't find any updates, please use the instructions below to gather some logs so we can find out why you're not getting updates properly.
  14. In your latest set of logs, Avast is still installed. I do not think this problem is impossible to solve, we just need to be effectively troubleshoot which starts with removing other products that have been known to cause issues in the past

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