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  1. dcollins

    Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit refuses to run

    Can you grab these logs for us? Thanks! Download and run the Malwarebytes Support Tool. Accept the EULA and click Advanced Options on the main page. Click on Gather Logs and once the process finishes, upload the zip file that is dropped on your desktop (mbst-grab-results.zip). Thanks!
  2. If they're still showing protected, they should be fine. They may have checked back in automatically. Yuu'll continue to use the same key
  3. Your key has been reset. As for pricing, I don't control that but I can pass along your message to our product teams
  4. When you re-install the operating system, the machine gets read as a new machine because we use parts of windows in determining which device we're installed on. We have two options here, you can try accessing your account at https://my.malwarebytes.com and deactivating your old machine, or I can reset the entire key (this will reset the license on your other two devices as well and you will need to put the key back in). I'd recommend trying the MyAccount portal first and if your keys aren't in there (it depends on how they were purchased), then let me know and I can reset the key for you.
  5. This is a known issue on some Windows Server environments. Consumer Malwarebytes does not supported server operating systems, to keep your server protected, you'll want to reach out to our business team: http://malwarebytes.com/business
  6. If the key was used too many times, you should get an error stating that it was used too many times. What happens when you click activate? You can also private message me your license key and I can check into it. You can private message me by clicking my name and choosing Message
  7. dcollins

    ANSWERED MWB-3 Reverts to Free

    It looks like you're license is currently setup and you're not in free mode. If you get into thefree state again, please provide a new set of logs so we can see what caused the issue.
  8. Do you get any specific errors when trying to activate?
  9. Thanks, I'll follow up there
  10. Looks like you're on a pretty old version of Malwarebytes. I'd recommend installing the latest version by going to Settings -> Application and clicking "Check for Application Updates". This should prompt you to install the latest version
  11. Thanks for the report. To help troubleshoot this, we'll need the logs mentioned above
  12. Thanks. Since you're already working with the help desk, I'm going to close this topic to reduce confusion
  13. If the support tool continues to crash, you can download mb-check from https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mb3_check and provide the zip file it creates from your desktop
  14. Please provide the logs request above so we can troubleshoot this
  15. Can you provide a new set of logs with Malwarebytes installed? If the process takes too long, it will automatically stop after 10 minutes and provide a zip file.

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