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  1. dcollins

    Ransomware not detected

    2 files were encrypted before it was stopped in this scenario
  2. dcollins

    Ransomware not detected

    Thanks for this report, our researchers are adding this to our Malware database now. That being said, this file is actually detected by our Ransomware Protection module without needing a specific definition to be available for it and you would be protected already if all real time protection modules are turned on.
  3. dcollins


    This issue should be resolved in the beta that was announced yesterday:
  4. To make sure I'm understanding, you're looking for a way to dismiss the "Last blocked website" from the system tray menu? Any specific reason why? Just trying to get a full picture. As for @exile360's suggestion, that shouldn't actually be happening. The only time the last blocked website should disappear is if the tray icon restarts. Anything else is potentially a bug
  5. The logs above would confirm this, but most likely this is happening right after a database update. After updating, we restart the protection modules and if it takes longer than expected (even 1 second longer) we'll notify you. However it could come back up in that one second it takes to open the screen. We're looking to see if this timing needs adjustment as we're seeing more reports of this.
  6. Most likely the Norton exclusion window is getting redirected. If you can type in a folder path, try look in C:\Windows\sysnative instead of C:\Windows\system32
  7. dcollins

    Tray icon causing high CPU usage

    Hi all, just a note that I split this thread from it's original topic to reduce confusion. The original issue was the FP from January which is no longer the cause here. @vbarytskyy will continue working with you.
  8. As long as you deactivate your license before upgrading, you shouldn't have any issues after upgrading
  9. dcollins

    Website blocked due to riskware

    The blocked site is called out at the top of your screen shot, it's hanstrackr.com. You don't have to provide the zip file, but we won't be able to help you identify what Chrome extension is causing the issue. Unfortunately Malwarebytes is not able to determine exactly what Chrome extension is making that connection as Chrome doesn't let that information outside of itself. You can make a ticket with our Support Team if you would like some individualized support and they can review your logs so they won't be posted publicly.
  10. dcollins


    @frozen did you also disable Self-Protection under Settings -> Protection? @jcgriff2 our drivers do unload fully from Windows when you disable them (assuming they disable properly and nothing else interferes with them). After unloading, you should be able to query the stack and see that we are not in it any longer. T hat's not to say that what you're seeing isn't part of the issue though
  11. dcollins


    @miykael the fix we thought we had turned out to not be the correct fix, which is why we're asking for more information now. We also do understand the concern with asking users to perform actions that would crash their computer, which is why the message did state that we understand if you couldn't/didn't want to provide the requested information.
  12. dcollins

    Computer slow after install

    It looks like you may have some infections on your machine that could use cleaning up, I'm going to move this to the Malware Removal Section so they can help you get the computer cleaned up which should improve the speed. If that doesn't help, then please create a new thread so we can troubleshoot what's going on.
  13. Thanks for following up @AleksandarF
  14. Thanks, can you please provide the logs requested below? Download and run the Malwarebytes Support Tool Accept the EULA and click the Advanced Options link on the main page Click Gather Logs and wait for the process to finish Once completed, attach the mbst-grab-results.zip file from your desktop to your reply
  15. dcollins

    Adding a device.

    Malwarebytes for iOS is only available for iOS 11 or above, which is not available on iPhone 5. Unfortunately you won't be able to add Malwarebytes to this device.

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