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How do I stop the outbound malicious emails?

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As requested by 1PW in Malware Removal for Windows on October 30, I am attaching FRST.txt and Addition.txt to this post.

My Premium MalwarBytes has blocked on almost a daily basis Outbound websites which use various ports and either Skype or Firefox as the process.  Attached are two of those bockages.

My question is can I reduce or eliminate these outbound websites?



Capture - outbound 280116.JPG

Capture - outbound FF 211016.JPG

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I see some "confusion" at multiple points here so let me discuss the various aspects I see...


Your original post was made in Malware Removal Help where one requests assistance from a Forum Helper in removing malware.  It appears that my good friend 1PW had an "off day" ( which is rare for him and more common for me ) and made a mistake and thought that original post was in Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.  I write that it was a mistake because those who can reply to a post in Malware Removal Help is limited.  1PW is not a member of one of those Forum Groups that can post there.

Then your reply was posted here, as a new thread, in Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.  Actually, the reply would have been best served in that original thread in Malware Removal Help;  How do I stop the outbound malicious emails?

Finally, there are no indications of "malicious outbound emails".  What I see are Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware ( MBAM ) blocking TCP/IP packet egress to IP Addresses or domains that are blocked by the MBAM product.  That packet egress is from the Internet Browser Firefox and the Internet Face-To-Face communication software, Skype.

In the case of Firefox, it is totally possible that you browsed the Internet and you visited a web page that is blocked by MBAM or you visited a web page that has links to 3rd party sites that are blocked by MBAM.

In the case of Skype, it is classed as a Peer-to-Peer ( aka; P2P ) application.  Since its designed objective is to directly communicate to 3rd party web sites, it is inevitable that eventually MBAM may block Skype from accessing a remote site.

My suggestion is that you return to your original thread in Malware Removal Help;  How do I stop the outbound malicious emails?  and post those log files there.

Edited by David H. Lipman
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