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I don't know what to do. I downloaded a sound recorder software from a site, the page that referred me to it said it had some toolbar or something, but i ignored it, i'm used to that stuff. Now, i downloaded it, and everything was runing smoothly, but all of the sudden some programs started to appear, with chinese names (I'm sorry for my wording right now, i'm typing this on a broken cellphone at 6 in the morning) I started deleting them one by one, thinking it was just some some spam, stuff like that, but then, 10 new programs popped out, i quickly disconnected the internet cable, i started deleting them, one by one, i had only some chinese things left, some tencent or something, and i couldn't delete them, i didn't had the rights. The sensible thing to do was probanly to download a cleaner frrom another PC and installing it on my computer, to try to delete these programs, i remeber a french software that helped me with this last time. But i didn't, i found out there was this thing, microso.ft photos or something like that, of course, i was not looking at photos at that moment. In a long chain i won't try to explain to make me look less stupid, i lost admin rights, i can't even go into my folders, computer just shutdown after a minute and i haven't turned it on since. I really don't know what to do, maybe start it in safe mode or going back to a restore point. I can't lose my files, i stress this, i'm homeless if i lose them. Most of them are on my second HDD that might be safe, but i'm not going to risk losing anything else tonight. I'm an idiot, i was too cocky. Please help me.

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You have a topic open over at Geeks To Go on the exact same issue.  It is not recommended to post on two Forums requesting help for the same issue.  It can cause confusion for the people volunteering their time to help you.  Since Essexboy is assisting you over there, and has instructed you how to run the FRST logs, you should, out of courtesy, conclude this topic here.

Have a great day.


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