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[SOLVED] Can't copy/paste or use right click on first post

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Ref this topic as the latest one that had the problem (it also happened in the topic that I replied to before this one): 

I can't copy/paste in the first reply (either from the context menu or from keyboard commands). 
But if I make a first reply, then when I make a second reply, copy/paste works normally.

Also, my right click menu doesn't show my canned speech program, yet once I make a second reply, that option shows up and works.

I'm using W10 (build 11102) - Slow Ring and Firefox 45.0.1
I'm using Athena 0.1.7 for canned speech management, which isn't certified as compatible in this version of Firefox.  There is a setting in about:config that lets it run anyway.

I will try disabling it in the next topic that gets started (and restarting the browser), but there just isn't that much traffic in the BSOD's forum - and I don't want to hijack someone else's topic in order to test it.

Any ideas/suggestions?

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