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  1. The IPS Community Suite was updated to version Please see the original post for details.
  2. @mjolly803 Sorry for the delay in a follow up. Properly licensed for Server support would mean having a license that includes seats for Endpoint Protection/Endpoint Detection & Response for Servers. When the Malwarebytes Endpoint Agent performs license validation and redemption on a Server OS, it will redeem against the seats for Endpoint Protection/Endpoint Detection & Response for Servers. This in turn means that Windows Server endpoint would now be able to use Server specific capabilities which are configured via the Policy settings in the Nebula/OneView management consoles. Some of the unique settings/configurations for Windows Server include Brute Force Protection for Server Protocols and Suspicious Activity Monitoring for Servers (EDR Only). For more details on settings and Policies, check our user guide here: https://support.malwarebytes.com/hc/en-us/articles/360039985913-Malwarebytes-Nebula-Administrator-Guide Unfortunately, I cannot provide much additional guidance on using a non-Server license on a Windows Server endpoint as that would go against our current licensing.
  3. Hi @mjolly803 and great questions!! Oddly enough, you sort of already answered it yourself, but let me confirm and expand on it. The Malwarebytes Endpoint Agent and the Malwarebytes software component plugins are the same for Windows and Windows Server. Endpoints that are running Windows Server (and properly licensed for Server support) will have access to unique Policy settings/configurations for Windows Server. Policy settings are managed from the Malwarebytes Nebula and/or OneView consoles. Let me know if oyu have any additional questions.
  4. Our current issue is that it's not following the behavior they stated to us that is expected (i.e. items drop off after 30 days). Yeah we reported the missing functionality with the hover and IPS stated that was an undocumented changed with 4.6.x. They removed as part of refreshing it for the new Achievements component. We have made a request to have that restored, but haven't heard back definitively on it. For the Activity Streams issue, you'll need to rebuild the database. We had the same issue too. Just an FYI - We also found a bug that occurs when searching with the "This Forum" option. That option is not respected after the first page of results and instead reloads the search with results from "All Forums".
  5. @tetonbob @MKDB @AdvancedSetup - We have confirmed that the expected behavior is not being respected and instead the Notification pop-up menu is showing all notifications from the first page of the "All Notifications" area. We have reported this back to IPS and hope to hear back soon.
  6. @tetonbob @MKDB @AdvancedSetup - IPS has informed us that this is expected behavior as the Notification click mini-menu is supposed to list notifications from the last 30 days.
  7. @tetonbob @MKDB @AdvancedSetup - I have reported this odd behavior to IPS.
  8. @MKDB thanks for sharing this issue!! IPS has informed us that they have implemented a fix for this issue. Please let us know if it has been resolved for your account.
  9. @PokyWizard yes, Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection is a managed product that uses our Malwarebytes Nebula cloud management platform and would give you the reporting/tracking you are looking for. If needed, you can learn more about the technical specifics on our support site: https://support.malwarebytes.com/hc/en-us/articles/360039985913
  10. @David H. Lipman IPS has informed us the change to how anonymous users appear in the "Who's Online" block on the main page was by design, but not documented in their release notes, to improve load performance of their platform. They also informed us that removing the "viewing" status of the profile hover card was also not documented in their release notes but was by design to support the new Achievements component in 4.6 (we currently do not use this new component by the way). We requested that they add back the later functionality of the hover card in a future release. As far as the Streams issue goes, that has been resolved. IPS also fixed errors related to uploading attachments (error 200) and resolved some overall forums performance issues. @1PW I appreciate the feedback on that, but that is not really a traditional issue per say since the information is still there, just displayed a little differently. One could argue it conserves space with the new format. We won't be requesting IPS to look in to or change this.
  11. @Gt-truth IPS has informed us that these issues should now be resolved. Please let us know if they return.
  12. @David H. Lipman we have verified the issue and reported it to IPS. In the meantime, you can view that info using the Online Users page: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/online/
  13. We are looking in to this along with a bug effecting Streams
  14. @JayCee2 thanks for sharing your feedback and experiences with Malwarebytes running (or in this case not running) on the next version of Windows!! Like @exile360 said, we do not officially support beta or unreleased versions of Windows, so there isn't a whole lot we can do right now as it's just to early in the Windows 11 preview lifecycle. Rest assured that we will keep an eye out for issues like this as we internally test and prepare for Windows 11 later this year.
  15. Yes, IPS encountered a complete service outage earlier today.
  16. @fyang thanks for coming in and saying what I was going to say!! I appreciate the support!! @API just to confirm, if you are still seeing this issue you will want to create a support ticket so our business support team can get this identified and resolved.
  17. @kinryuu I just sent you a private message with the details.
  18. Let me look in to this right now for you. I'll follow up via a direct private message to you.
  19. I totally understand how that can be frustrating, but that happens to be how IPS designed their Search component. It does another Search request when performing a Sort change.
  20. Hi @BillieBuB , the error message you posted occurs when you have attempted to perform multiple search requests too frequently or in quick succession. It's a default stability feature of the IPS platform and most forums platforms in general to prevent Search Flood attacks.
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