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  1. AlexSmith's post in Remotely manage Malwarebytes application installations on users was marked as the answer   
    @PokyWizard yes, Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection is a managed product that uses our Malwarebytes Nebula cloud management platform and would give you the reporting/tracking you are looking for.
    If needed, you can learn more about the technical specifics on our support site: https://support.malwarebytes.com/hc/en-us/articles/360039985913
  2. AlexSmith's post in first time seeing this error - admin install and upload failed message was marked as the answer   
    @Gt-truth IPS has informed us that these issues should now be resolved. Please let us know if they return.
  3. AlexSmith's post in Brute Force Protection RDP Blocking Not Working was marked as the answer   
    @AlexLeadingEdge can you generate and share diagnostic logs from the endpoint you tested this on? I can help get this over to that team.
    Also, to confirm what you are seeing, how many failed RDP attempts were tried?
  4. AlexSmith's post in Malwarebytes 4.3 Beta showing was marked as the answer   
    Sorry, there was a typo in the original beta 4.3.0 post. You have the correct version and the post has been updated.
  5. AlexSmith's post in Malwarebytes 4.3 Beta showing was marked as the answer   
    Sorry, there was a typo in the original beta 4.3.0 post. You have the correct version and the post has been updated.
  6. AlexSmith's post in Malwarebytes licenses from Newegg - can we discuss? was marked as the answer   
    @bjm Newegg is a retailer that is authorized to resell certain Malwarebytes products. They offer the boxed, key card, and digital versions for retailers.

    As already stated, this is similar to other authorized resellers and retailers like Amazon, Bets Buy, Staples, Office Max/Office Depot, and more.
  7. AlexSmith's post in Malwarebytes 4.2.1 (Beta Enabled) - Digital certificate problem was marked as the answer   
    @Aridane Thank you for sharing your experience with the beta!! We just released a new beta Component Update (v1.0.1056) which should resolve this issue. Can you go to Settings and perform a Check for Updates then see if the issue still occurs?
    Details on the new beta update are here: 
  8. AlexSmith's post in MB4 Beta causes Firefox to block websites was marked as the answer   
    This issue has been resolved with our latest Beta Component Update v1.0.1056. Please perform use the Check for Updates option in Settings to force update.
    More details are here: 
  9. AlexSmith's post in Premium license deactivated incorrectly was marked as the answer   
    @dantehg just posting a quick follow up that you should have a completed follow up from support now. Again, sorry for the delay.
  10. AlexSmith's post in MB Privacy Outlook sync problem was marked as the answer   
    @jimbaker1 since other accounts in Outlook are working fine, this would tell us the most likely cause is that Bell Canada is blocking access to their email servers from certain IP addresses.
    Have you tried switching to a few different servers in Malwarebytes Privacy to see if that helps?
  11. AlexSmith's post in Do not Torrent with MWB Privacy was marked as the answer   
    @iamdoubz actually, it is not Malwarebytes Privacy that is leaking your IP address, but rather it is the bittorrent client you are using. Bittorrent clients like qBittorrent for example, will bind to all adapters to establish a connection to the torrent thus circumventing the VPN tunnel connection. On top of this, most bittorrent clients are configured by default to work this way, so its a common misstep to encounter.
    To change the binding behavior, you need to go into the settings of your bittorrent client and configure it to bind to the "mbvpn" adapter. This will force the bittorrent client to only communicate over that adapter. For example, here are the steps for doing this in qBittorrent:
    Open qBittorrent Click on Tools from the menu bar and select Options Click Advanced then select "mbvpn" from the Network Interface drop down menu Click on OK and restart qBittorrent
  12. AlexSmith's post in Malwarebytes User Interface is TERRIBLE! was marked as the answer   
    @alanintendo thanks for sharing this false positive. Our web protection team has removed the block and it should start working in a little bit/soon.
    As far as auto-renewal goes, we have a support document on how to cancel here: https://support.malwarebytes.com/hc/en-us/articles/360044589954-Cancel-my-Malwarebytes-auto-renewal
    You screenshot seems to show the Cancel Auto-Renewal option as missing, so please create a Support ticket like @Porthos called out.
  13. AlexSmith's post in Calling Kabuto a Trojan was marked as the answer   
    @Nightwatch66 this false positive should be fixed with our latest definitions. Please update Malwarebytes on this system and you should be good to go.
    Sorry for any confusion or issues this caused.
  14. AlexSmith's post in Attachments aren't accessible - Access Denied error was marked as the answer   
    We have been diligently working with IPS on this issue. Most attachment and image issues have been resolved, but we still have one being looked in to.
    Unable to access new attachments (access denied) Profile images not loading Uploaded images not displaying Unresolved:
    The contents of file attachments uploaded between 05/29/2018 @ 8am and 05/30/2018 @ 10am Central are incorrectly replaced with an XML based access denied error message The default user profile image may be missing on accounts created between 05/29/2018 @ 8am and 05/30/2018 @ 10am Central Thank you for posting all of this and working with us through these issues. If you come across issues, please continue to report them here with links to where the problem is.
  15. AlexSmith's post in Duplicate email notifications was marked as the answer   
    Thanks for the confirmation!!
  16. AlexSmith's post in Can't Activate Trial which I have done successfully in the past was marked as the answer   
    @bobmecc62 I got your PM. Thank you!!
    I have reset your key and it should activate just fine now.
    Since you are using a legacy lifetime key, make sure you are putting the ID and Key values in the right fields. In Malwarebytes 3.x, the Key field is first and the ID field is second.
  17. AlexSmith's post in Your listing has been removed: Copyright Violation - Unauthorized Item was marked as the answer   
    Since this is a legal and EULA related question, you will want to contact our legal department as called out in the EULA.
    Locking thread since this needs to be handled directly with our legal team.
  18. AlexSmith's post in How to block removal of Malwarebytes w/ passcode? was marked as the answer   
    Hi @Lisaweb!! Welcome to the Malwarebytes Forums.
    To add on to what @Firefox posted, the User Access feature of Malwarebytes Premium allows you to restrict access to certain of the product with a password. It does not restrict the ability to uninstall the product from within Windows. You can find out more about this feature in the Malwarebytes for Windows user guide which @Firefox linked to above.
    With that being said, restricting a Windows user from being able to uninstall programs or modify system-wide settings can be handled using Standard User Accounts or Group Policies depending on the edition of Windows you are using (e.g. Home, Pro, Enterprise, etc.) and the computing environment you are in (e.g. personal, business, enterprise, ect.). If you want to look in to doing that, I would recommend researching it on Microsoft's website or contacting a local IT professional (e.g. IT consultant, computer repair shop, Geek Squad, etc.) for assistance.
  19. AlexSmith's post in erased from my pc was marked as the answer   
    @jwarndt it sounds like you interrupted an in-place upgrade install of the latest version of Malwarebytes. It's okay, we all make mistakes. It's part of being human after all.
    Anyways, we can help get you back up and running in no time. I requested a fresh email of your original purchase with your key code to your email. Check your email for it.
    If you need to download the latest version of Malwarebytes, you can get it from here: https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mb3
    If you need further assistance, just let us know.
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