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Scheduled Update - "Recover if missed by" - not working?

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Under MBAM v1.7x I always set the scheduled updates to 6 hourly and recover if missed by 5 hours.

This seemed to work well and allowed MBAM to catch-up on missed updates - due to my PC not being powered at the scheduled time.


Using the same update options in v2 doesn't run the catch-up

- in fact the "recover if missed by" option has failed to trigger an update in all the permutations I have tried so far

- is this option actually working?


I have MBAM v2.0.2.1012 installed and am running an Admin account under XP-SP3 (32bit)

I have also checked using a Win7 64bit setup - and the same problem is happening:

- manual update checks work fine and there are no failed scheduled updates in the logs 

- the "recover if missed by" option just never triggers an update

- the update doesn't trigger until the next fixed schedule time

- by which time my PC may be switched off again - so the update never happens. 


I first noticed the problem when my system upgraded to v2.0.1 

- I then updated to v2.0.2.1012 to see if it fixed the issue - but with no success.


Can someone confirm if this option is active - especially for the hourly settings I have given.


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DougCuk Hello and :welcome:

The staff will have to have some logs in order to help you. Here is something you can try.

Thank You,



Edited for clarity....

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Setting the scheduled updates to 6 hourly and recover if missed by 5 hours - just plain doesn't work

- the "recover if missed by" option just never triggers an update
- the update doesn't trigger until the next fixed schedule time - assuming the pc is still switched on.


I have nine lifetime licences spread amoung myself, family and customers.

So far I have checked 6 of these that have updated to v2 - none of them are running the catch-up that worked in v1.75

I have run multiple tests on my own PC's with different scheduler variations and versions of Windows


The  "recover if missed by" option is just ignored -  and this finding is not restricted to one system

- clearly for the hourly update selection (at least) the "recover if missed by" option it is non-functional

- and the logs show no attempts to run the scheduler except at the fixed time intervals


Can someone from Staff please confirm if the "recover if missed by" option is actually functional 
- tests appear to indicate this option is either disabled, has not yet been coded - or just doesn't work
- especially for the hourly scheduled update settings I have given.
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All I am saying is that the "recover if missed by" option for updates doesn't appear to function at all.

Just set up a test - and prove me right or wrong - either it works or it doesn't.


I'll attach some logs - but the problem with this scheduler issue is that the logs do not record anything - as nothing happens - the scheduler never activates until the next fixed scheduled time - assuming the computer is still powered. In addition the logs do not record scheduler checks that find you have the latest database already, or when the computer wakes from sleep - so it is impossible from the logs to confirm that the computer was awake and that the scheduler should have run but didn't trigger.  


For people who leave their computers on all day this issue is a minor irritation - they will only have to wait until the next scheduled update time before the MBAM databases update. Setting the scheduler to check for updates every few hours should be fine.


I have nine lifetime licences spread among my own, family and customers computers - all were collecting updates without issue on v1.75 - using the scheduler set for 6 hours with 5 hour "recover if missed by" - this no longer works as before.  


The issue is a big problem for those using laptops that suspend and hibernate when not being used.

Even if you set the scheduler to check for updates every hour - unless the computer is awake (ie not in suspend or hibernate) and you happen to hit the scheduled time slot - it will not "catch up" when awakened if the "recover if missed by" option doesn't function. I have run for over 30 hours without managing to get an update by the scheduler - because my laptop only runs for short periods and then suspends - and the "recover if missed by" never triggers. There is also no option to schedule an update check at LOGON (only at reboot/boot) so when waking from suspend that option will not trigger either.     


As stated previously I have now seen this problem on multiple computers and Windows versions - it appears to be a hard coded bug and not a setup/config issue. Just set the scheduler to 6 hours with 5 hour "recover if missed by" on a battery powered laptop set to suspend after 15 mins - and let it run - waking occasionally - and see how long it takes to get an update. 


The best workaround I have found is to set the scheduler to check every hour and switch off the "recover if missed by" option - until it gets fixed.

NOTE: Attached Protection Logs are from before I swapped to this workaround

- and were taken when using settings of 6 hours with recover if missed by 5 hours





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JUST a home user here -- please wait for AdvancedSetup to return to help you. :)


I am just dropping in to ask: are you in Europe or somewhere (Canada?) where the date convention is DAY-MONTH-YEAR, rather than the U.S. Convention of MONTH-DAY-YEAR?

Reason for asking is that all of your logs do show the European date display, for example "08062014" for the threat scan that I assume was run today (June 8, 2014).

I am in the U.S. and all of my logs show U.S.-style dates "06082014", which correspond to the system dates on my computers.


Anyway, it just caught my eye.


AdvancedSetup will return to work with you to resolve your issue. :)


In the interim, it might also assist him to see a log from the mbam-check utility, please. The download link and instructions for running it are here: Diagnostic Logs.


Thanks for your patience,

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I am in the UK - hence the logical date format DAY-MONTH-YEAR 

US format dates make about as much sense as quoting times using Minutes-Seconds-Hours

I think the US used that format just to annoy the British 


I have generated and attached the mbam-check utility log from the same computer

But seeing as this problem happens on all the computers I have installed it seems to be a bug in the program. 



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  • 3 weeks later...

I am used to the slow process of program development and bug fixing after years working in the industry

- it all takes forever to get anything done!!


What with the v2 scheduler not working too well and the constant stream of other problems on the forum 

- I have rather lost faith in the current version of MBAM and have reverted to v1.75 (and switched off the option to update to v2) 

With all the installation and update problems being reported on the forums I just find it difficult to trust the core functions at present.


MBAM v1.75 was pretty bullet proof - it worked and caused no problems

- and I trusted it to do the core tasks - to find and eliminate malware without screwing up the system


I'm sure MBAM v2 will get there - but for me it is too much of a risk at present.

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