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After a recent browser hijack by that nasty Search Conduit tripe (infected via a DIVX update), my PC wouldn't start properly once I removed it, & I had to do a full wipe & reset. I then downloaded Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for some extra protection. After performing a scan it flagged up Photoscape_V3.6.5.exe as PUP.optional.opencandy. After doing some research I decided not to re-install it on my system again.


However, seeing as many programs come with this questionable software, I started looking for ways to stop it & I found the following information. My question is this; is this information true or false?



"1. Block OpenCandy servers in the windows host file.


You do not want OpenCandy to spy on you.


Click on your start button, go to programs, accessories, right click on notepad and run as administrator.


Click on file, open.
Go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc
type *.* and click on host


Add this to the host file tracking.opencandy.com.s3.amazonaws.com media.opencandy.com cdn.opencandy.com tracking.opencandy.com api.opencandy.com


And click save.


2. Now go to the command line and enter:


"ProgamName /NOCANDY"


The program will now install with no chance of installing third party software & no chance of spying on you by communicating with the OpenCandy servers."





I would really like to be able to use the Photoscape program again as it was quite good for my needs, so if can actually block it all well & good.

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 Malwarebytes does detect and remove OpenCandy, I had it once.

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Hello and :welcome:

Best answer is do not install any software that has PUP's on them, better to be safe than sorry... Sure adding stuff like that to your hosts file may help, but eventually the PUP guys figure it out and change things up anyway...

Just my 2 cents...

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Often if one pays attention you can install a program and opt not to install the added other add-ons by choosing a custom install. Then after you install it do a Scan with both MBAM and ESET online antivirus scanner (it is strict about PUPS as well) and have both remove any found.

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