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  1. I was just watching a thread on Emsisoft about auto-renew. On their license page (like my.malwarebytes) there is an option to cancel auto-renew. May want to do the same here.
  2. I run Malwarebytes Premium & Emsisoft Anti-malware, they both have a browser add-on. Any way to test if I have both installed and causing a problem?
  3. KenW

    Website Blocked

    Blocked in Chrome, but not Fire Fox.
  4. KenW

    Website Blocked

    https://ravib.com/takestock/2/ this is a good site, been around for years.
  5. About how long does it take to change a license key at my.malwarebytes. Key was changed because someone stole it. Or should I ask Support. Thanks
  6. All indications are my key was stolen. Look at my other post. Two computers were listed which are not mine

    1. exile360


      Why are you using my profile status to communicate?

      Anyway, if your key was stolen then that's all the more reason for this issue to be valid.  The licensing system is doing precisely what it was designed to do in order to protect your license.  It disabled the key to prevent further abuse, and now you just have to work with Support so that they can get it resolved (likely by issuing you a new key and cancelling the stolen one).  It sounded like you were blaming Malwarebytes for it, but they certainly didn't steal your key.

  7. Just looked deeper at My.Malwarebytes and noticed that this laptop is not listed. Two other names are there. I think my key has been used by other people. Can you tell Support to issue another lifetime key for me
  8. I did, but needed to wake someone to rattle the tree.
  9. Finally screwing with my license. Opened a ticket, 2704664. I have watched this forum for years so I know the procedure for moving a license. I did not cause this problem, your screwed up licensing system did. FIX IT !!!!! My.Malwarebytes shows no problem. Pissed Off
  10. I have never lost any registration after restoring an image. An image is a perfect copy of a drive.
  11. https://www.bbc.com/news/business-49015609
  12. You can deactivate from within the program as I posted before. Then you can use your "key" in the new install, if you still have it. If not, then you have to wait for support to answer. A lot depends upon if you are still using the email you purchased the program with. You don't have to get into your account if you have your registration information. There was a post about how to change your email at sometime in the past.
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