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  1. My network changes from Private to Public. Have to check next time it happens. Probably will not now !!!!
  2. May have explained a problem I have been having. Thanks
  3. The one time I had this problem with my first old license, I asked that my license code be changed which MB did. You would have to go through support for this.
  4. I just dumped the browser add on because of false alerts even on sites that were ok a few days ago. Will not say what I am using now !
  5. KenW

    While I have a FT-897, I am in an apartment (1st floor) and gave up a nice DX location when I retired, I have not been on the air since 2009. 2mtr fm just doesn't hack it !!! In fact I think all the repeaters around Denver have been down for months.

    Thanks for asking


    PS: Where the heck is Bat country ? w2bdp@w2bdp.com

  6. I don't care what blocked it, browser addon or MBAM, just fix it.
  7. David got to you ? He is correct, you don't know anything about computers or how to fix them. Nothing in FRST does what you show and it has been used for years. GIVE UP AND GET LOST. If you think you are hidden on the internet, you are VERY wrong. EVERYONE CAN BE FOUND. Don't go away mad, JUST GO AWAY
  8. This is no help for you, but I have NO problems on 3 Intel and one AMD cpu. Three of which are running 2004, the last is still on 1909 and runs fine.
  9. Don't know, I stopped using that program 10 years ago because it was not doing a good job. Remembered > It loaded a file ?, the name I haven't looked at in years with ip addresses to block web sites. While working on another problem I looked at the file and didn't like it. Went crazy looking to get the default one back. Spywareblaster does the same using browser changes which I like better. Just my opinion.
  10. I did not get any alert because of FF on four computers.
  11. It wasn't down, malwarebytes blocked it
  12. Every time I have a puter die and I have to reinstall Ultra Edit, they have changed my key, so just send an email. This is for a lifetime license. One woman has been there for as long as I have a license.
  13. My key was blacklisted and there was nothing wrong for years until a new version came on line. It was a legit license and I had read previous problems with keys being blacklisted. That really ticked me off and I guess they found THEIR error and gave me a new key. So your idea about key gens is very possible. I had a similar problem with SuperAntiSpyware. However it did not bother me because that program turned into junk anyway. You are correct this happens with every new version so something is broken and must be fixed.
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