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  1. 2.0 also had many problems. I wonder why my three machines had no problems with 2.0 and minor ones with 3.0 ? Could it be bad installs, other software, user problems. User problems are my first idea. My original thought was the manufacturer but my laptop is an HP (did not come with any garbage programs). Such is life with Windows !!
  2. I have had no problems until some minor ones with 3 that seem to have been fixed. While I have lifetime licenses, I was shocked with the 39.95 price for one year. My laptop is on another yearly plan and I will be looking for a less expensive option.
  3. This time I disabled security programs. Unlike the last two Windows 10 upgrades, no problems this time.
  4. That is why Devin said to Private Message him wit numbers. Click on his icon and the messaging is there on the page. Don't know if he can kill that post.
  5. Never post that information in a forum. Only send to staff.
  6. Take a deep breath and come back in a couple of weeks. That is what I did, problem was fixed. They are coming out with updates. You just have to look in the forum and not wait until a new version comes out through automatic update which can take longer. I never had any problems with Version 2, but many others did. This was only your second post. Couldn't have been an important problem.
  7. I have to agree or people that should NEVER run this program are posting. I commented about this with ver 3, but could have with ver 2. You are trying to be nice, but maybe you should require more information from user before they can post. I cannot believe all these posts are REAL troubles.
  8. User problem. It only runs ONCE and never again unless reinstalled.
  9. I don't remember reading anything about Windows 10 in any articles about this.
  10. There is a False Positive Forum. Look at beginning of Forums.
  11. Not on a computer using MBM, but there is a setting about quarantine that can be unchecked. I always uncheck it because I prefer to double check if it should be quarantined at all.
  12. I didn't know it was an IObit program. PUP it should be. I had some customers that were put on the correct track.
  13. Instead of JUST complaining, did you ever think to report this problem ? False positive or your users don't know how to use a program.
  14. No trouble with the "old" one I have. Don't remember the year purchased.
  15. Why keep harping in this thread. YOU HAVE BEEN TOLD ABOUT THIS PROBLEM time and again. Argue on another site about something else.