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  1. No trouble with the "old" one I have. Don't remember the year purchased.
  2. Why keep harping in this thread. YOU HAVE BEEN TOLD ABOUT THIS PROBLEM time and again. Argue on another site about something else.
  3. Did a search the other day when I saw this post and did not get the site about "replacing" antivirus. Just now I got that site. So if Malwarebytes did change something, the change did not propagate to all dns servers or got stuck somewhere in the world. In any event, it is NOT an antivirus replacement. That has been asked many times over the years and has not changed. Antivirus is a totally different animal, but has been intertwined with malware lately by some companies.
  4. Stop using OLD website information. It does not say that anymore. Guess they made a mistake.
  5. How can I check ? Haven't really been checking the forum lately. Thanks
  6. Mbam is NOT an antivirus and the latest version fixed the startup problem on my two desktops.
  7. How do I stop auto updates once the installed version fixes all problems ? Waiting to see if this build fixes the startup problem.
  8. Every hour ? That is not very smart unless you only go to very bad sites.
  9. I think they were trying the Windows 10 way. Update before fixes.
  10. Never had a problem with MBM causing any problems until I installed version 3. I have been fighting a DDE Server Explorer.exe can't write to a memory location error every time MS "upgrades" Windows 10. ON THREE COMPUTERS I installed version 3 on my laptop and the error came back. Trouble shooting this error shows it has been around before Windows 10 for years and it seems the only way to "fix it" is to set up another user. Which is a real pain to do. This last time on this laptop, it just went away !! Maybe the error will go away before MBM gets kicked off my computers.
  11. Settings > third box down > uncheck it (Show System Tray Notificaion)
  12. I wish people would stop posting problems with Preview builds. I would not blame Malwarebytes blocking posts about problems with them. People these are beta builds and will cause problems with any software especially security software. As far as I am concerned, people that post those kind of problems are just plain stupid. This is not the only security program that have problems. Let Malwarebytes do all the testing and then post about it.
  13. That is MB's opinion about a program. If you want it ?
  14. Until one of the regulars chimes in, that path doesn't look correct to me on a none network computer. Doesn't look like File Explorer to me, either