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  1. Ver. 3.6.1 saving the size of the dashboard does not work. Windows 10 Pro 1803 Intel video driver
  2. Is it possible to post a screen capture of the pop-up ? or take a picture with a camera ? Have you uninstalled and reinstalled ? Any other steps to correct ?
  3. I installed over the top and it did not retain my key. If not for My-malwarebytes, I would have been screwed as I don't have access to my keys for a few days.
  4. From within program. It is now on Premium trial ?? When that is done, will it automatically activate with key? or do I have to guess which key I need to use ? I usually get the new version from the website. I have a feeling the upgrade did not go as was planned.
  5. I doubt if I will ever use the program again. As have the license keys.
  6. I have 4 lifetime licenses. Moving between password managers, I lost my username & password for the forum only. I finally gave up trying to get new ones when nothing I tried worked and direct emails to them also went nowhere. When they sold out there were some comments around that the new company was not very good.
  7. Guess you haven't kept up over the years. Cookies are all SAS detects since it was sold.
  8. I ran both for years. I think SAS is past it's prime so don't use it anymore.
  9. Go to https://my.malwarebytes.com/en/login and get to your account. From there you should be able to do what you want.
  10. I read about this in the Emsisoft forum. Google is blaming problems with Chrome on any program that hooks into it. This is the post Chrome wants EAM updated or removed another post about the problem https://tech.slashdot.org/story/18/08/24/164254/bitdefender-disables-anti-exploit-monitoring-in-chrome-after-google-policy-change
  11. Guess I hit a nerve. Anyone that posts something like this on a programs forum is someone just trying to cause trouble. Consumer reports is in ,NO WAY , even a place for security software reviews. There have been other reviews about software that were totally off base.
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