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  1. The Registry consists of many small pieces of information. That is why it grows like that. MBM only looks in certain places in the Registry.
  2. KenW

    While I have a FT-897, I am in an apartment (1st floor) and gave up a nice DX location when I retired, I have not been on the air since 2009. 2mtr fm just doesn't hack it !!! In fact I think all the repeaters around Denver have been down for months.

    Thanks for asking


    PS: Where the heck is Bat country ? w2bdp@w2bdp.com

  3. All indications are my key was stolen. Look at my other post. Two computers were listed which are not mine

    1. exile360


      Why are you using my profile status to communicate?

      Anyway, if your key was stolen then that's all the more reason for this issue to be valid.  The licensing system is doing precisely what it was designed to do in order to protect your license.  It disabled the key to prevent further abuse, and now you just have to work with Support so that they can get it resolved (likely by issuing you a new key and cancelling the stolen one).  It sounded like you were blaming Malwarebytes for it, but they certainly didn't steal your key.

  4. Chrome is missing your instructions for help. Firefox shows everything ...crazy !!

  5. That Asian language post is screwing things up.

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