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Anyway to stop MBAM's UAC prompt?

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is it possible to stop MBAM from asking for UAC? like granting it permanent permission like many other programs do?

specially when trying to do scan's via right-click menu.


This works in Windows 7 and I'd guess Vista but I'm not sure about XP or other OS.


- Create a new task in Task Scheduler.  I included some of my Task Scheduler screencaps for a task that I

named "MBAM"


- You should be able to use the default values for the other tabs, "Conditions" , "Settings".


- Once you have created your new task, you need to create a new shortcut on your Desktop.


- Right-click on your Desktop to start the new short wizard.


- In the "Type the location of the item" field, enter:


    schtasks /run /tn "task name"   


where the task name is the same name of your new task that you created

in Task Scheduler.  Include the quotes.


- Type in the name for your shortcut in the next wizard screen.


- You can then right-click on the new shortcut to access the Properties and change your icon picture with

the "change icon" button.


That's it.  I use this for my Acronis, Process Explorer, and a few other programs to launch my frequently-

used programs and bypass the UAC prompt.


There is an additional command that you might want to add into your Task Scheduler "Actions" tab if you

routinely open a UAC-required program with other windows active/open.


  Ih the "actions" tan in your new task, enter this:




Then you would add the task name and program path as the arguments:


/c start "MABM" "C:\Program Files (x86)\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\mbam.exe"



I don't need that option since I always go to my "desktop active" with everything else minimized before I

open a UAC-required item.


In this way, everything else on my PC is UAC enabled.



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I forgot to mention, unfortunately for the 2nd part of your question. the above procedure using Task Scheduler won't bypass the UAC when performing a right-click scan request on an object.


I use the procedure for opening the main MBAM console without requiring the UAC prompt.

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thank you guys for the replies, so there's no official and efficient way to do this which i personally think is disappointing but not a big deal.


Yes there is.  It's called purchasing a lifetime license of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware PRO for $24.95 and letting it protect your computer and do everything automatically for you.

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