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  1. ^ Cool I used to work with a big Whitesnake fan. Here's another one I like for .... Steve Oliver - "Wings of Spring"
  2. Now that's scary Getting close to that evening....
  3. Those are great emotes I'm a longtime member of E.A. ("Emoticons Anonymous"). My case is classified as "chronic" but trained counselors are standing by ready to offer professional assistance at the toll-free hotline More NYC jazz memories.... I first heard this tenor sax guy many years ago during my first business trip to NY. It was a night I'll never forget as a jazz fanatic. The place was called "Eddie Condon's" in midtown Manhattan. It was a treat for me since they specialized in BBQ ribs and any native Texan loves that menu . I sat a few feet away as Scott's quintet pla
  4. Memories of jazzin' in the "Apple" (NYC). I used to catch Kenny Barron riding the keys at "Bradley's" jazz club (near Union Square in Manhattan) in town on business trips. It's closed now but when it was open I closed the place a few times Here's Kenny B in Japan playing on of my favorite straight-ahead chord changers, "Have You Met Miss Jones". http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b7PkSy5biVQ
  5. One of my favorite cruising down the highway tunes from Lonnie Liston Smith....
  6. I didn't know that, thanks for the tip .
  7. Voyager 1, entering interstellar space after traveling 36 years... I wonder what's out there.... Considering it'll take about 40,000 years to flyby within 1.6 light-years of another star ("Gliese 445"), I doubt we'll be around to find out
  8. I'm guessing that this is the reason I can't see any YT links until I click "allow content" at the bottom of my screen. I'm running Win 7 with IE10 and was able to see all links in posts in the thread until sometime within the last couple of days. Then a dialog box began to appear at the bottom of my screen. Once I click "allow all content", I can see the links.
  9. AdvancedSetup, I'd never heard of Jackie Evancho before today. I need to link this to Mom. She's gotta hear this. Mom's a retired classical music teacher that knows the opera sounds. Amethyst, Elton John I hadn't heard this one before your post. Here's one of the all-time jazz/standard singers. Nat King Cole performing one of my favorite ballad-standards. It's a bonus YT clip for me since the uploader used deep space photos from the Hubble telescope...a treat for astronomer hobbyists. I like to sing along with this one... alone, of course , It's got one my all-time fa
  10. ^ "Yes" to Yes . That group was a huge favorite back long ago during my guitar-playing days. I hadn't heard this one until today. Nice Parts of that video reminds me of the "Matrix" 1st movie. Here's another "Yes" track, on of their early big hits. I used to play this one on the front porch long ago. Speaking of girl memories, I know what you mean there. This memory's a good one I used to play this "Yes" track with my classical guitar to impress a girl . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-aHhWHQX_4k Steve Howe ("Yes" guitarist back then) was an accomplished classical guitar
  11. Brothers Johnson, that's one I hadn't heard before now. Thanks Believe, I do believe you I have a nephew that surprises me as well. He actually likes some older tunes as well as older TV shows. Here's another one that was a big hit back in the day. It's in my top all-time pop tunes list. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZN-7yCXH0E
  12. Wow, that brings back memories . I remember my sister was crazy about that group. I was a "Turtles" fan among other groups of similar sounds of that era. I played this one so much I wore out the record http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uo6zBKMQO7w (I wasn't able to multi-quote posts with the YT media code.)
  13. Herbie I have several CD's of his in the collection. I haven't heard him in this setting before, with a "Motown" sound. Cool Here's one of Herbie's early tracks, among my favorites with "Bobby Hutcherson" on the Vibes.
  14. I like the more modern jazz sound too. Here's one by "George Benson", who became a well-known name during the 70's.
  15. Thanks for the help I've seen it done at other forums but hadn't asked about it. I heard this player perform in NYC during my past business travels there. It's a more traditional jazz sound, the sound that I usually prefer to hear live. I heard him play at one of NYC's well-known jazz clubs, the "Village Vanguard". I closed the place that night This one's at the end of my playlist. I like to listen to it at the end of the day on the PC or early the next morning. I was fortunate to hear the piano player live years ago in Dallas. "Bill Evans", in jazz circles, one of the mos
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