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  1. Rosalie Li I don't have the scan logs from 06/10 U.S. CDT time, sorry. I purge those logs daily but I did look at my "Flash" Scan MBAM log when the detections were quarantine'd. It basically contained the location of the files. The interesting thing about this for me is that MBAM didn't detect the objects a few hours earlier during the unattended "Quick" Scan at 1:30am. I have a Windows Task that wakes my PC from Standby ("Sleep") Mode at 1:25am, just before my nightly MBAM (and AV) scans begin. When the scans complete, my AV returns the PC to Standby Mode. I wake up my PC around 4
  2. I have a question about the CompuClever detection. I detected this issue this morning on both of my home PC's. I wasn't sure if this was something that has occurred with numerous MBAM users or an isolated incident with my PC's. Here's my info: Timezone: U.S. CDT (Dallas) Desktop PC: Built - Win 7x64 Home Premium OEM version Laptop: Toshiba L655 Win 7x64 Home Premium OEM version AV: Norton N360 Ver (2014 ver) MBAM Pro Current Database info: Date: 6/10/2015 4.50.25AM Database version: v2015.06.10.02 Fingerprints loaded: 436239 I run overnight unattended Qui
  3. It appears that I was seeing the same symptoms as TheQuickFox . I was editing my post and refreshed in another tab to see that it's fixed. That's amazing "fix" response time
  4. needhelp1 If you're running one of the Norton AV products, check out this thread over at the Norton Forum site: https://community.norton.com/en/forums/tonights-update-crashing-ie11 Firefox and Chrome weren't affected. I used Firefox for a couple of hours Sat morning (U.S. CT) until the issue was fixed. The problem began when Symantec issued a routine LiveUpdate definitions download, apparently sometime during the evening of Fri 02/20 U.S. time. The update affected the main AV suites, N360, NIS, and NS, and affected most IE versions (if not all). The symptoms appear similar to yo
  5. bru I'm still running Win 7 x64 and MBAM Ver 1.75 (Pro) and am using the Windows Task Scheduler to wake my PC up a couple of minutes before my daily overnight Quick Scan begins on my PC's. This method has been working very well since I installed MBAM Pro in Sept 2012. I haven't installed Ver 2.xx yet, waiting a while longer as I read the forum about its progress. I'm hoping the Ver 2.xx scheduled scans will run without issues overnight after my PC's have been awakened by the Task Scheduler. Regarding your question about the "wake from sleep" option with the new Premium version, I beli
  6. I'm having one of my frequently visited sites being blocked. Here's my info: - OS: Windows 7 x64 - Browser: IE10 - AV: Norton 360 (2013 ver) - MBAM Pro - Site address: http://ctva.biz/ When I un-check my "Enable malicious website blocking" protection in MBAM, I can access the site. I contacted a friend and he's able to access the site ok. He's not an MBAM user and is running Firefox browser on Win 7x64 . He's also running Norton AV. Screencap 1 is my MBAM Sys Tray popup notification. Screencap 2 is a Google search page capture info about the site.
  7. Hi As Firefox mentioned, this topic is a very diverse one, where you'll often read opposite pov's about a recommendation for or against a mainline brand AV. Here's my 2¢ (or perhaps only 1¢ ) take on this based on one's experience with 3 name-recognition AV's over the years. Before continuing, none of this should be construed as a "downer" about these AV products or the companies involved since we know that this topic is dependent on a host of other factors, what's the OS on the PC, what's the user's browser or "safe 'net" practice habits, etc. When I began home 'net use in 2004, I sta
  8. Hi anecaj3 to the forum. I've read about "scorpion" at other forums and it is indeed a stubborn headache to remove and deal with on one's PC. I wish you the best in your cleanup and legal endeavors. I'd say that this is a safe statement to make on behalf of everyone here: If we could, we'd prosecute any and all malicious authors and their associates. My personal fantasy about this is to magically create a "boomerang" tool that would route all malicious code back to its original authors and "brick" their systems I know, impossible, but wouldn't it be great if that could happen? A
  9. I'll volunteer for photographer duty when those Target hackers are incarcerated:
  10. Hi, I asked this question shortly after I joined this forum and received from good advice. I used to run overnight full scans but have changed that to quick scans. I still run a weekly full scan but from what I've read here, that's not necessary. I guess it's one of those left-over "feel-good" things that I still do for now . As Firefox mentioned, I prefer to run the scans at a time when I'm not using my PC so they run unattended overnight so they will run when my PC is idle. I also have my updates scheduled once an hour as Firefox mentioned.
  11. As a Norton user, I can say that you're 100% right about the AV forums maintain that position, non-compatibility. I've asked for test data at the Norton forum as well as an Admin here, and the Norton forum mods/members have not provided any test data to substantiate their recommendation. They're certain about it too over there.
  12. That's an excellent list and an post about backup safety.
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