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  1. ok attached new logs. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  2. here you go. FRST.txt Addition.txt CheckResults.txt
  3. started 2 days ago i had issues resolving hostnames. tried several dns servers including google,opendns,comodo,level 3 but none of them would work on many websites. for instance i could not resolve us.battle.net on any of the dns servers using nslookup command so i started disabling everything today and found out MBAM is causing it. disabling it fixed the issue and the problem came back when i launched it again. is this a known issue and is there a fix? thanks
  4. simpler, better, i like it. not sure about the smiley icon but not against it either. guess if people like it then it should stay. good job Malwarebytes team.
  5. im running both on 8.1 x64 right now and been like that for past few month's. its smooth and no slowdowns. though better mention that i have excluded each one from the other one's protection.
  6. the changelog seems really good, personally im not really a fan of the new UI but since its the matter of personal preference and i like whats under the UI (hehe yep i went there ) so i dont mind it much but the constant notifications were annoying which is gone now. thanks
  7. if you like to extend your wifi range there are few options that i know of: -with software: install DD-WRT firmware on your router instead of the built-in firmware. it has the option to allow higher power get transfered to your antenna's which will result in better signal -get a cheap wireless AP and set it up as relay in the direction at which you need better signal. -also some tweaks that might help: move your router away from ceiling,wall,tv,fridge,speakers and switch between wifi channels and see if it makes it any better. good luck
  8. i do have purchased a lifetime license and yes it protects me automatically, but then there are times when i feel naughty and download malware pack's and wanna run a scan or a friend bring over a flash drive which i wanna scan before open and so on.
  9. thank you guys for the replies, so there's no official and efficient way to do this which i personally think is disappointing but not a big deal.
  10. is it possible to stop MBAM from asking for UAC? like granting it permanent permission like many other programs do? specially when trying to do scan's via right-click menu.
  11. this is great news. hopefully we wont have to use other apps like adwcleaner anymore in addition to mbam to clean a pc. looking forward to this.
  12. after installing hitmanpro.alert everytime i start chorme before it loads up mbae pops up a windows saying an exploit has been blocked while chrome hasnt been loaded yet. its at the same time hma windows shows. are these 20 incompatible? if yes then is the incompatibility on mbae side or hma?
  13. very fast bug fixes. im impressed with the progress. thanks
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