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Weird permissions in CCleaner

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Hey guys, I just found some really weird permissions in CCleaner. I don't know if this is malware related or not. There are about 6 of them and they all have checks next to "Special permissions". I uploaded a pic, let's see if it shows up :


Please click on the pic to enlarge it!!

And these are only 3 of them, if I scroll down, there are three more, all with a check to "Special permissions". I'd really appreciate it if you guys would check your CCleaner (if you have it) and tell me if this is present on all CCleaner installations. I've checked my other icons (Avira, MBAM, HItman Pro) and they are all normal. I've just noticed this after updating CCleaner to it's latest version. What happened was, I downloaded the latest CCleaner and tried to install it over the previous (like it says), but it started acting weird and not opening. So, I uninstalled it all together, downloaded it again (the installer), scanned it with VirusTotal and it got a 2/40 (Jiangmin & Trend Micro HouseCall). I read the comments and they all said that it was #goodware and that Trend Micro is known for false positives. The vote was 22/0 saying that it was clean (the green smily face had 22 votes). So, I know that I don't have an infected CCleaner. I always download from Piriform (the official site). Hope you guys can help!

Also, if this helps at all, CCleaner has stopped asking me for confirmation when I open it. Like, Windows doesn't say "Would you like this program to make changed to your computer". This has all started happening yesterday (after downloading the latest version and the mishap that happened). Really weird.

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I've not seen that - v3.21 updated and running fine here on both rigs, although the program DOES require certain permissions in order to run. :(

Perhaps cleanly uninstall it, reboot, and try a clean reinstall from a fresh download from here: http://www.piriform....cleaner/builds?

Until one of the more expert folks with detailed knowledge of Windows permissions arrives, you might consider the CCleaner forum?

<just a thought>

Here is the link to the forum:


Here is the link to their support page:




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