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  1. Okay, but if I run say Firefox sandboxed, can malware sneak through it before I have time to delete the contents? Also, does Sandboxie protect from drive-by downloads?
  2. I see, and do Sandboxes protect your computer completely, or can things still get by if its clever enough? (the sandbox I have in mind is sandboxie).
  3. It's safer to make your primary account a Standard user and the Admin account should be separate, right? I heard this may reduce the damage of a malware attack, should one ever take place.
  4. Hey guys. Yesterday I was on my PS3 just tryin' out the browser when I decided to do a general search for online comic book websites. I found a couple of hits. I randomly clicked a website and it did take me to a library page where I could search for any comic I wanted. But just as I was about to search for something, this chatbox appeared with a weird name (it looked like a Facebook chatbox) and someone on it said that they would like to meet me and a whole load of baloney. I'm a naturally suspicious guy so I didn't click on anything, I just exited the PS3 browser. Is this some sort of malware? I'm not so worried about my PS3 being infected, what I am worried about is the fact of some botnet, backdoor, or worm hiding on my Internet network. I have 2 internet networks for my house. One that came with the builder (of the house) and the other is from the ISP. The builder's network is unsecured (meaning no password on it, anyone can join) but I do plan to secure it. The ISP one is secured and I use this one for my computers. I used the unsecured one yesterday (for my PS3). Do you think my unsecured network is infected with malware? Could it spread to my secured network and onto my computers?
  5. Roger that. It is fixed. Yesterday it kept telling me to install it (I ignored it). I logged back in today and I did a force check for Windows (cuz it said I was all updated) and it still came up as (all updated). Guess Microsoft fixed this one too, just in the nick of time. Thanks to everyone who contributed to my question, I really appreciate it. Have a great day!
  6. Haha, your emoticon smiley thingy is right, this makes no sense. Btw, do you know what kltforums.net and wilderssecurity.com are? Are they security forums? I don't go on websites that I don't know until I ask first. Thanks
  7. Yeah, lol. Okay, so maybe that's why you don't have any Windows updates and I do. I still find it weird though. You think Microsoft will release an update to remove the update? Haha, that sounds so weird.
  8. Okay, thanks for the adivce Tahraka. That's weird Firefox. Is there by any chance, different updates for different OS types. I run Win Home Premium and you run Ulitmate. Also, you run the 32bit, whereas I run the 64. This could be the reason you don't get the same updates that I do on the same time. Maybe, not sure though. I was at a cousin's house and he runs the same OS you do. Ult. with 32bit. He had 7 updates one day (security patches with an IE update too) and I had none. He updates regularly, so these updates were fresh, not ones he hadn't done before. So..there you have it, it is kinda weird though.
  9. Hi, I don't know if this has happened to anyone here, but I checked for Windows updates today and found a whole bunch of them. So I installed them, rebooted. Then, just as a precaution, rebooted again (one extra time after the initial Microsoft reboot). After I logged back in, I noticed that this Microsoft Update KB2647753 was being repeatedly offered. I've installed it 2 times already and after each reboot it's still there. I checked about this update and there are also other people having the same issue and posting on answers.microsoft.com. Here are a couple of links: http://answers.micro...506bbe2d?auth=1 http://answers.micro...ac4596ee?auth=1 So you see, this is a widespread problem, not just with my machine. Seems to me like Microsoft has a faulty update on their hands. Who knows when they'll get it fixed. If anyone has any information they would like to add explaining about this problem, it'd be more than welcome. Thanks and have a great day!
  10. Thanks for the info GT As I write this, I am on Opera 11. So, Opera is still a good browser? I'm not a fan-boy of anything, least of all the browser I use. I use the Opera symbol as my profile pic because I needed a change though I do plan to use another pic soon. The only thing troubling me about Opera is that it'll be kinda hard to find extensions to replace BetterPrivacy and NoScript. I'm sure they are there, I just need to find them. Also, what are the "Elements" that Opera counts before loading a web-page. They appear right on the web address bar and then disappear as soon as they complete. For ex. "2/20". Then when it reaches "20/20" it disappears. Does this have something to do with the fact that web-pages sometimes don't load correctly with Opera? I don't know if this is true but it could be since Opera provides sync with Firefox so that if a web page doesn't load, it'll load it like Firefox does (whatever that means...). Thanks a lot!
  11. Thanks and glad to help. Remember! Don't hesitate to ask any questions about security. We're all happy to help, though you may need to weed out some advice you're given. Stay safe, catcha' later bro
  12. I know this has probably been talked everywhere, but what are your thoughts on Opera and Firefox? I've been using Firefox for a couple of years and yesterday decided to finally download Opera, just to check it out. It's pretty cool, a lot like Firefox but with more options. I also really like the panel and all the options about the websites I visit, like the info thing. It lets me know everything I need to know about the website I'm currently on. Anyway, I know Opera isn't widely used, but why? Is Firefox more stable, or secure? Opera has Adblock and WOT. It has it's own version of NoScript, I don't know about BetterPrivacy but I'm sure it has it's own version of that too. So, which browser is better? I'd really like some facts as well as opinions (I'm sure there'll be a lot of those). P.S: I know this is off-topic but does CCleaner delete LSOs a.k.a "Super cookie/Flash cookies"?
  13. No prob pgrace0154 Have a nice day. P.S: If you're still thinking about the tutorial videos, they're on my previous post. (This is page 2, just go one page back to the first page). You can just click the links, all the videos are YouTube videos that I found. Good luck, and stay safe.
  14. Very nice Samuel. I never knew that. Thanks for the info.
  15. You have an icon in your taskbar that is your profile pic. If you don't mind asking, what is that icon for. Is it a security program you created?
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