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How do you upload an image that you have saved on your computer to be part of your signature on this forum. So far, all I see is a url thing that only lets you put a url that leads to an image. What about an image that is saved to your computer? Thanks, any help is appreciated.

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I'm not sure our forums allow you to upload a photo for your signature, though you can do that for your forum photo.

What you can do is upload your picture to an online file hosting service. My favorite right now is imgur (pronounced image-ur) which allows you to just drag a picture from your computer onto the website and it'll upload it. From there, you should see your picture displayed and on the side a number of formats such as Link, Direct Link, HTML, BBCode. I believe for this forum, you'll want the one called "Linked BBCode". Then you just need to copy and paste that link into your signature.

One thing to keep in mind is that once you upload it, the image is publicly available. Don't upload anything that you'd rather not have people see.

Let me know if you have any trouble with this.

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Thanks again Strenalis. I was hoping I'd run into you again :) Thanks for the link, it was very helpful! I just logged in after having to reset my password through email, I swear I was typing in the right one. I wanna make sure I don't have a keylogger or other malware. Any suggestions as to what to use ? Also, I have the Linked BB Code, where do I type it in. Do I click on Special BBCode near the "Font" button. If so, what do I select out of the drop down menu? Thanks!

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Lol, I got it to work using the image url, though I'd still appreciate it if you told me those instructions for the BB. Thanks again, Strenalis. If you look closely at my signature, you may notice a difference between mine and yours, several differences actually. It was the best I could do though, without violating and pretending to be that which I'm not. :)

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Hi Quikfix,

Glad to see that you got it working. I agree with Porthos that using the red logo might be more appropriate. After all, at a glance, a new user might mistake you for a staff member because of how similar the two logos look. To answer your question about BBCode, you actually don't need to fiddle with it to link to a URL. The BBCode tool here on the forums allows you to modify the format of your post. For example, if I wanted to share some programming code, I could use the BBCode Tool, select Code, and type in whatever I want, and it'll turn out like this:

#include <stdio.h>
int main(char** argv, int argc)
printf("Hello World!");
return 0;

The above is much more readable in this format for code than the default format for the forum.

Similarly, if I wanted to link to a member on the forum, I could use BBCode for that too. As an example, if I wanted to talk about our good friend exile360, I can use BBCode to link to his profile.

Or if I want to talk about spoilers that some people might not want to see, such as the ending of a book, I could use the Spoiler tag to hide it. For example:

Anything I write in here should be hidden by default.

Try playing around with it yourself, if you'd like. You can just use the Preview Post button to see what it would look like if you posted it. Note that you don't even have to use the BBCode tool. If you know the code, you can just type it in. The tool just helps make life a little easier if you can't remember them all. :)

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  • Root Admin

The image in your signature was removed as it looks too much like our own which can confuse users not paying attention or that have limited eyesight.

Thank you for your understanding. If you actually post a lot it's better to not even have an image in your signature as it slows down the web page.

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