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  1. Oh, okay. Thanks. By the way, how'd ya change your name?
  2. I see, thanks for the info, but I don't have the FF extension, I've downloaded "Trafficlight", not any of the extensions. The info was still useful as I noticed that I needed to update Ad-block Plus Pop-up addon I haven't checked their forum but I did read the user manual. Btw, have any of you guys heard of a BSOD that says "NO_IRPS_STACKING". This happened when I deleted Avira Free and downloaded Avast Free. Just after the installation of avast was done, it said "Windows is shutting down to prevent damage to your computer" (In BSOD mode). Then it said the NO IRP... thing. I don't know what this means but I don't really wanna stick with Avira. It also happens with Comodo Free and the 3 month free trial of Bullguard. It's so annoying! The only antivirus I can download without that happening is AVG (useless) or Avira (unethical).
  3. After using Avira Free for almost 2 weeks, I finally realized they have bundled the Ask.com toolbar into their "Web protection" toolbar. Now this is a toughie because if I uninstall it, I'll lose web protection. I decided to do some research and uninstalled the toolbar and installed Bitdefender Traffic Light from the official site. I have a couple of questions: 1. I've uninstalled the Avira SearchFree Toolbar but it still had "Ask.com" as the search thingy on the top right of Firefox. I clicked the down arrow and chose "Google", then I clicked "Manage search engines" and deleted Ask.com. The weird thing is that I'd done this before uninstalling the toolbar and when I uninstalled it, the Ask.com thingy came back, thus making me do it again. Will the Ask.com search thingy ever come back again even though I uninstalled it twice? Is it still keeping tabs through spyware on my computer even though the toolbar is uninstalled? 2. I installed Bitdefender traffic light as I mentioned above. Since I don't have web protection now, I thought it would be a good idea to install it. I installed the "Trafficlight", not any of the browser extensions. How do I update it, since I don't see an update button? Will this work with Avira Free Antivirus or will I need some exclusions? Is this application effective? Thanks, and if any of you guys know the answers to those questions (even part of question!), don't hesistate to post. Thanks alot guys!
  4. Hah! I just now got to this post. Guess I forgot to add it to the "Content I Follow". Very sorry for the late reply and thanks again Steve. Have a good day!
  5. Edit: Fine now, no need for assistance.
  6. I've noticed that some members have personalized their thing on top of their picture. Like for you, instead of saying "forum deity", it says "exile". Same with sho-dan, he has something in Chinese (I think its Chinese, no offense meant if it isn't, I'm just horrible at recognizing languages). How do I personalize mine? I asked daledoc1 and he told me there should be this "Member Title" thing in my settings but I don't have one. I can't find it, he even showed me a picture of where his is, but I can't find mine in that spot. Do you know when I'll be able to get the Member Title option, or do you have to earn it? Thanks
  7. Okie doke Samuel. I'll see what I can do. But now that I'm all snug with Avira, I kinda don't wanna go through all that hassle again. I'll try it on my other computer and see if the problem persists. Thanks for all your help
  8. Could be, but the thing is, I turned off the firewall and all real-time protection on Online Armor during installation of MSE. I forgot to turn it back on after the exclusions for both of them were done and when I restarted MSE had that validation issue. This means that it couldn't have been Online Armor because it was turned off during isntallation and during the restart. MSE did it by itself. P.S: Heard MSE v4 came out. Is the official download on windows.microsoft.com been updated so that it is MSE v4 that's downloaded, not v2?
  9. Yeah, I have an HP laptop from BestBuy (like we went there and bought it, not shipped), so this was really awkward. The weird thing is I installed MSE like a month ago, then decided to stick with the previous antivirus and did a system restore. At that time, it worked perfectly, no issues, nada. Unless my Windows has a mind of its own, it shouldn't just become "invalid". I was like: "Come on!, This is ridiculous!".
  10. That's good news. Unfortuantely, I ran into a problem. I installed MSE and it installed fine. Then, I added exclusions to it for Online Armor (C:\Program Files (x86) Online Armor), I wasn't sure if those were the right ones but they were the only ones I could think of at that time. Then I added the Microsoft Security Client to the Online Armor exclusions. Then I restarted Windows after updating Online Armor and MSE. When I got back in, the Real-Time Protection modules was turned off. So, I clicked on MSE and it said Windows failed validation. Please click the below button to resolve this issue (the button was red and on the MSE interface). I clicked it and it made me install a validation thing from microsoft.com, then it told me to run it. It said Windows finished validating and said "Congratulations on having official Windows" or something along those lines. But when I went to try and turn on Real-Time Protection on MSE, it said Windows hasn't been validated. I restarted and still the same thing. I just uninstalled MSE at that point and ran its uninstall utility from bleepingcomputer.com, then I turned Online Armor off and installed Avira Free and turned Online Armor back on after "personalizing" the scan and real-time protection options. Added exclusions for Online Armor in the real-time protection configuration for both of them. Just about to add mbam to the Avira exception. Where should I add mbam.exe, mbamgui.exe, and mbamservice.exe in the configuration? They have 2 different exceptions list (Avira). Okay, did that. Well, I have a Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit, so shouldn't it be C:\Program Files (x86)\Malwarebytes Anti-Malware? Just wondering, but thanks for the info. Thanks alot guys for reading all this. I know I have a lot of questions and I appreciate you guys taking the time to answer them for me. :)
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