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  1. Just adding release notes that were currently not available when I changed the title to the new release "Version: 2.2.12" Malwarebytes Browser Guard 2.2.12 Release Notes
  2. @Tuscan Driver Have you tried reinstalling MB Privacy and then go to the control panel and uninstall Wintun-Windows first and then uninstall MB Privacy..
  3. Oh okay 👍 The last update I was giving the prompt and no reboot was required. Thanks
  4. I got the same thing when connecting to https://startpage.com/ earlier today and the beta upgraded automatically at 5:23pm EST. The above happened fast and disappeared and I changed my URL to blank tab, I thought something was wrong with the site. I had screensaver on when the upgrade took place and I noticed the posts on the forum about the upgrade and mine was installed silently somehow without no prompt but I had fell asleep when the update took place. Seems like I would still have the option to choose when to install. I thought that was already implemented.
  5. When I choose the above location it shows I'm in Chicago, Illinois (US). All other locations show up correctly.
  6. It is for certain posted by the same person. Purity8
  7. This is what I have posted before and I’m using my password manager on my iPhone. It’s a paid password manager app. It’s the very first one I posted the first time I believe.
  8. @Firefox Now I'm on Windows 2004 using FF 80,0.1 Screenshot below:
  9. From what I understand and I may be wrong but there is more natural gas resources around the US than any other fuel. Like I said I may stand to be corrected.
  10. @Firefox When I click on the link above I can show you these pictures on the link. You have to scroll down a little bit to see the pictures. I’m on my iPhone using Safari.
  11. When I click on your link it shows up the unread correctly.
  12. Okay I rebooted my iPhone and using Safari without password manager and I come up with this link when I click on Pierre75 link. Don’t know what to tell you. Still in Malwarebytes Dark mode 4.5. New iPhone SE second generation running iOS 14.0
  13. I deleted all the pictures on my iPhone again. Maybe it’s my password manager because I’m going out of it when I look at the pictures but I don’t think that is the issue because your link works perfect. It’s just the one Pierre75 posted that is bouncing me around the forum.
  14. That link is taking me all over the place. Look below but your link is going to the same place and picture.
  15. The link you posted is taking me back to the same post. I’m going to go back to the link that Pierre75 posted and see what happens
  16. I didn’t reboot my iPhone when I switched to Dark mode 4.5
  17. I deleted all the pictures from the forum on my iPhone and started all over. The first is from the link from Pierre75 and the second is the link you posted. I’m still in Dark mode 4.5. So weird.
  18. Still jumping all over. I’m on Dark mode 4.5. First picture is when I click on Pierre75 link and second is when I click on the link you just posted.
  19. I’m jumping all over the forum when I click on the the link now. Just got this below when I tried to upload the picture above but was finally able to from the same link that Pierre75 posted.
  20. Now I get this when I click on the link that Pierre75 posted from my iPhone.
  21. I agree and I don’t use my iPhone unless I’m outside from my home or getting ready to go to bed.
  22. This is on my iPhone and you already know about the div p code which is just a minor glitch. This is what I’m seeing on my iPhone below from the link.
  23. @Pierre75 It must be a Windows issue because I don’t have any errors when going to the link that you posted on my iPhone.
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