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  1. I also had Acronis and had used it since 2007 and things were so much easier back then until around 2016 when Acronis added Ransonware protection. The last version I had was 2018 Acronis and I ended up dumping it because its a major resource hog and I was also have error issues with Windows 2004 and I currently have Windows 20H2. I can only imagine how much more it has became bloated in the latest 2021 version. Had to say goodbye after many years and also went with Macrium Reflect and it's very simple to use too.. I run Malwarebytes and Defender and all runs well on my old Satellite C55.
  2. @maltelboy , I believe I would wait on Q&A for a solution. Using the adaptor/connector may just make more issues. Hang in there!!
  3. @maltelboy, You can try this out and see if it works out for you. First download a clean copy of Malwarebytes and Privacy and save them in download folder. Reinstall both please and if you get errors or BSDO then please follow these directions. Download the MBST to your desktop. Unzip the exe on the desktop. Open that folder and right click mb-support.exe and run as Administrator. Let the tool run and and you will get another prompt to uninstall Privacy then let Windows reboot and when you get back to the desktop don’t re-download Malwarebytes. Then you will need to go to Safemode with network connection. Following these directions here. Then go to Device Manager and go to Network adapters below and delete these drivers below: MBTun Userspace Tunnel #2 MBTun Userspace Tunnel #1 WireGaurd Tunnel Reboot Windows back in normal mode. Go to WiFi settings and click on Manage known networks and delete the WiFi network name SSID. Please use wired Ethernet and install Malwarebytes if possible. Very important... If you are using Windows Defender you will need to be sure that you open Malwarebytes and go to settings by clicking the small gear icon in the upper right, then select the Security tab and disable the option listed under Windows Security Center; this will remove Malwarebytes from being monitored by the built in Security Center which should cause Defender to enable itself automatically, though you may need to restart the system after changing the setting in Malwarebytes to get Defender to activate itself. If you are running another AV skip this step please. After you install Malwarebytes then install Privacy make sure Auto Launch and Auto connect and Trust local devices are selected and reboot. Then select the closest server to your location. You should be able to to connect to a server. If not choose another location. Don’t worry. The only thing you will need to do is go to Show available networks and re-enter your SSID Password for your WiFi and then you can connect with WiFi wireless network. This is totally up to you if you want to try what I have posted or you can wait until your ticket has been read and someone else gives you help. Either way I hope that you get everything back up and running ASAP.
  4. @gonzo , Can you take a look at the site above. All seems to load find on Firefox.
  5. @njsonja, That's great to here and thanks for reporting back your results. ☺️
  6. @njsonja More information can be found at this support page https://support.malwarebytes.com/hc/en-us/categories/360002468273-Malwarebytes-for-iOS Does this solve your issues?
  7. Go to Settings/Phone/ scroll down to Call Blocking & Identification and make sure Malwarebytes is selected in green. Go to Settings/Messages/ scroll down to Unknown and Spam and make sure Malwarebytes is selected in green. Go to Settings/Safari/ scroll down to Content Blockers and make sure both Malwarebytes is selected in green. If none of the setting are there then please uninstall the app and reinstall.
  8. To answer your question @Clang. Yes turn off Penetration Testing because it has the ability to block certain apps from performing correctly. One for example is Malwarebytes Privacy. Happy and safe surfing!
  9. I did a clean install of everything this morning using the MBST and downloaded the Offline version and I have the same setting as @f14tomcat.
  10. Yes, must definitely. I use to use True Image and it has become bloated with software you don't really need. I have been using Macrium and like it very much. You never know when you may need it to restore a complete image in case you have issues with other software, etc..
  11. I get the message that Malwarebytes has expired and there are no apps in available TestFlight.
  12. @maltelboy Thanks for getting back and giving your feedback. Yes the icon is very small but its a indicator to make you aware when something is wrong, Especially when using the kill switch. If there is anything else you need help with please let us know.
  13. @maltelboy Did upgrading to version take care of the issue when your connection fails when updating via Settings/Check for updates? Also note: If you are using kill switch and there is no connection to the server you are trying to reach there should be a Red icon showing up in the MBP systray. Then you would have to reroute the server and the icon will turn Yellow and then Green when connecting to your preferred server that you choose. We would like to hear back from you and anyone that has any issues or feedback questions.
  14. Did you update to the latest version within the Setting check for updates. Version is the last version that was updated yesterday here.
  15. Everything running well here too with my beta too.. Malwarebytes just asks to restart only but I always reboot afterwards. Thanks MB Team!
  16. @Shamshi-Adad Sorry MBAM is only supported by Safari browser due to Apple restrictions on iOS platform.
  17. All downloads to uninstall Flash Player can be found at the Microsoft Update Catalog only. Note there is a second page. Standalone versions of Adobe Flash Player that you have installed will not be removed by this update and will have to be removed manually by using the Adobe Flash Uninstall tool here. More information can be found here and here. Be sure to make a Backup Restore point just to be safe.
  18. It takes 50+ posts to be able to edit your own post if I'm not mistaking but I think my memory serves me right about that answer. Anyone correct me if I'm wrong and also helps protects against forum spammers..
  19. Must be a glitch somewhere and I'm sure Invision will figure it out. 🤞
  20. I reported it as well to @AdvancedSetup last night and I'm not seeing it now. I'm using Cosmos 4.5
  21. I have mb4-setup-consumer- but don't have access to Malwarebytes Box because you have to be employee.
  22. I’m running the VPN and when I install it I click on the advanced install and it gives me a option to skip installing the browser guard which I choose because I already have it installed. No pop ups or anything. Also I forgot to add you can choose to install browser guard.
  23. Running well here too !@AdvancedSetup Unfortunately I don’t have those speeds from my ISP and I running a 6 year old laptop with just SATA drive. I really like MB Privacy. 👍
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