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  1. ram1220

    Marketing Popup

    This should be an opt in and not an opt out! If I paid for your software I do not want ads or marketing promotions popping up at all. Actually I have paid for it and will not renew. With all of the problems lately with having to disable this or that in the program to get it to work and now ads. No way I will pay for it again. This is the type of sleezy practices that make me avoid a company.
  2. AV replacement means AV replacement. I love how some people try and skew this meaning just for marketing.
  3. What is suttering? Is it your mouse or what?
  4. Well I stopped renewing my subscription to Consumer Reports years ago when they started bashing every single car that wasn't a Toyota. Concerning MB I am a paid customer. I go by real world use. And I can honestly say that I will not be paying for MB again. I have never purchased a piece of software that constantly has as many problems as MB. And the usual response is to disable parts of the program until it's fixed in the next release. Problem is that when the next release comes out either the problem is still not fixed or we have new problems that are introduced. I paid for the software. I do not want to turn off parts of the protection to make the software work. I will use MB in the future as a stand alone scanner with the free version. I have given MB plenty of time to fix the software and they have failed.
  5. ram1220

    3.5.1 and Browser Links

    But why do we always have to disable features that we paid for? Why can't Malwarebytes be fixed? Every single update I still have to disable Ransomware Protection because it simply doesn't work right. We are always told it will be fixed in the next release but it never is. This was the first year I ever paid for MB. I can honestly say it will be my last. I shouldn't have to disable features to get it to work right. I will go back to using MB as an on demand scanner only after my year is up.
  6. ram1220

    Windows explorer slow

    You mention you are running Avast, Panda, and Windows Defender in your post. You should not run more than 1 antivirus on your computer. This could be the reason for your slow computer. Choose only 1 antivirus and use the program's uninstall feature to uninstall the ones you don't want to use.
  7. Yes. I am seeing the exact same thing. Running Win 10 64bit with MB Premium and 8GadgetPack Sidebar. I have the weather and CPU usage on mine.
  8. Maybe it's an issue with Yahoo Mail Pro. I am using Firefox and I also tried Opera and I can access my Yahoo mail without any issues. I don't use Yahoo Mail Pro.
  9. Amazon is good however the OP wanted to use Paypal. Amazon does not accept Paypal the last time I checked.
  10. Try going through Newegg and get your subscription renewed. Newegg had a sale for premium Malwarebytes $14.99 for 3 PC's for 1 year. I paid using Paypal and I was never asked for my credit card info. I'm not sure if Newegg still has Malwarebytes on sale or not. But you can check and try to purchase that way. Then you just put the license/key number into your Malwarebytes that's already installed on your computer.
  11. ram1220

    3.4.5 sends PC into coma

    I reported the same issue last week. PC freezes up during the night. Malwarebytes ransomware protection is the cause. It was supposed to be fixed in the latest update but was not. Turning off ransomware fixes the issue. Just for grins I turned ransomware back on last night. This morning my PC was frozen again. Running the last few nights without it results in a non frozen PC in the morning. Except for last night. I am leaving ransomware protection off from now on. And if it does not get fixed before my 1 year subscription expires I will just go back to the free version when it does expire.
  12. I don't need a solution. I was just asking if anyone else had the problem. I have already decided to have my Malwarebytes revert back to the free edition when my 1 year subscription is up. I have confirmed the issue is with the ransomware protection in MB paid version. The free version has worked for me for years and I will be going back to that. No logs needed.
  13. Paid version of Malwarebytes version 3.4.5. Once a month I do a full backup with Aomei. Every night I do a differential backup using Aomei. If I leave ransonware protection turned on in MB I get a complete lockup of Windows 10. I have to use the power switch and reboot the computer. If I turn off ransomware protection then all is fine. Does anyone else use the paid version of MB with Aomei? If so have you experienced this issue.? I thought issues with ransomware protection were suppose to be fixed with the last update of MB. I've used the free version for years and have been happy. Recently paid for the full version. I am not impressed. This might be my one and only time to use the paid version.
  14. I am also having issues with the ransomware component. I do backups of my HDD every night using Aomei. The ransomware component locks up my computer every single night since I upgraded to the latest version of Malwarebytes. I turned off ransomware and all is well. I only mention this because it might help others. First time purchaser here. I've used the free version for years. I am not too impressed with Malwarebytes at this time.

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