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  1. The nerve hit is the swaggering presumptuousness of crabbed bumpkins our of their depth.
  2. I’m surprised the alt right knows how to turn the computer on. Or perhaps someone else did as an assist. In any event political remarks on this topic are inane and inappropriate.
  3. the three to date substantive replies do a lot to allay my concerns. I’m not independently able to judge the merits. Which is why I belong to consumer Reports. Per the responses, it’s wrong on this one. They’ve been wrong before. I bought my 1972 fiat on their recommendation: worst car I ever owned.
  4. Bash you? No sir. I appreciate your thoughtful response. I just wish the company were as concerned. Thank you
  5. Lol. I’ve read it. I’d like a company response. The onus is on the company that took my money for a bad product. Nor do I care for your tone. I’m not here to serve you or curry your favor.
  6. Consumer Reports just gave Malwarebytes a very poor review. I’d like the company’s response. Or other users too
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