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  1. Right after I replied their servers started working again. Try running the support tool again.
  2. I think their servers are down. I have tried to run numerous scans tonight and they just get stuck on "checking for updates."
  3. Why are people having to reactivate after upgrading the product? This has been going on for a long time now. Almost every other piece of software carries over the license key after upgrading the product. Why doesn't Malwarebytes? Extremely poor programing I guess. not acceptable.
  4. I have the same issue as the OP. I do not have the paid version anymore. I have run an MSCONFIG and made sure MB is set to disabled. I do not have MB set to start with Windows in the MB setting. But the newest version of MB still puts it's icon in the system tray upon Windows 10 boot up. Fast start is turned off. I uninstalled MB and reinstalled another version that I had on my PC. MB keeps wanting me to update but I refuse to. By going back to a previous version of MB I have solved the issue.
  5. They shouldn't be automatically opt-in in the first place. The customer buys the product. Then they are automatically opted in by the 3rd rate company. Said company then makes it nearly impossible to then get auto renewal canceled. And if you think the 3rd rate companies make it easy then you need to read some of the posts here in these forums about people having to jump through numerous hoops.
  6. Dispute it with your credit card company. Have them issue a charge back. If enough people do this maybe Malwarebytes will force these third rate companies to make it easier to cancel auto renewals instead of making customers jump through hoops.
  7. This should be an opt in and not an opt out! If I paid for your software I do not want ads or marketing promotions popping up at all. Actually I have paid for it and will not renew. With all of the problems lately with having to disable this or that in the program to get it to work and now ads. No way I will pay for it again. This is the type of sleezy practices that make me avoid a company.
  8. AV replacement means AV replacement. I love how some people try and skew this meaning just for marketing.
  9. Well I stopped renewing my subscription to Consumer Reports years ago when they started bashing every single car that wasn't a Toyota. Concerning MB I am a paid customer. I go by real world use. And I can honestly say that I will not be paying for MB again. I have never purchased a piece of software that constantly has as many problems as MB. And the usual response is to disable parts of the program until it's fixed in the next release. Problem is that when the next release comes out either the problem is still not fixed or we have new problems that are introduced. I paid for the software. I do not want to turn off parts of the protection to make the software work. I will use MB in the future as a stand alone scanner with the free version. I have given MB plenty of time to fix the software and they have failed.
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