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  1. Well I think the screenshots show pretty clearly that the toggle options are untoggled. But like I said, I did a clean install and rebooted a few times and it's working now. I only have logs from the clean install (which works) so I don't think they will be much help, but here they are. mbst-grab-results.zip
  2. ram1220 clearly said he had the same problem and had unchecked those options
  3. Maurice Naggar, if you read the original post, you can see an image of that setting being turned off. If you scroll down (and read) some more, you can see another screenshot of the Windows Tray setting. This was not a PEBKAC issue. Per earlier suggestions, I ran the support tool and did a clean install (and checked all settings were correct again) and restarted a number of times and now it's working correctly. Thanks, everyone (else)!
  4. [Windows 10, MWB 3.7.1 I ran the troubleshooting tool. I've restarted 5 or 6 times. (The tool makes you restart, as well.) After every restart, MalwareBytes is running in the tray . If you right click on it, it gives the option to "Start With Windows" (i.e., it thinks that feature is disabled). It's not in my Startup folder. When I run CCleaner (Startup option) it doesn't show there. I can assure you that this feature is disabled in Settings --> Protection --> Startup Options (The other features are grayed out for being non-premium, but not this one.) Is there some kind of registry workaround for this? I'm willing to get in there and tinker with it myself, but that's rarely a good idea.
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