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  1. I am sorry, i uninstalled it, so if you want to test it nice, if not no problem, have a good day
  2. Lol i know!!!, i am informatic tecnitian!!! i am using one by one, i installed the other antivir to test
  3. I am having same problem and it is not MBAM, becouse actually i have it disabled and only have windows defender running, i think the problem it is about last updates of Microsoft
  4. Dell Inspiron 1525 Ram 3 GB CPU : Intel core 2 Duo 2 GHZ Windows 10 64 bits Vers. 1803 After upgrade Windows to the last version i have a lot of problems, black screen logon, slow explorer, etc son i try to find the cause. I don´t know if the problem it is about Malware or Windows so i decided inform you and Microsoft too, becouse this is happend too with Panda protection also. How to reproduce? Try this with and withouth malrebytes running(so for try withouth disable all protections and exit, not need reboot the machine, and use windows defender for example, avast works well too, i don´t know another software): - Open task bar and right click explorer and then restart it (you will see how slow restart with malwarebytes!!! running, this is the cause of slow and black screen logon - Right click in any shotcut of the desktop and you will see how long to see the dialog I uninstalled malwarebytes and clean my registry many times and the problem persist so i think the problem is about windows or something in security programs or perhaps it is about my machine, but i doubdt becouse windows defender and Avast works well. I hope you reviuw this and i hope this will be usefull Thank you!
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