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  1. Too late to grab logs. I've restored computers from image files. I have left MB 3.4.5 on computers for now. I did notice many folks experiencing problems are running ESET. I too am running ESET Internet Security. Again, I am giving MB another chance and leaving 3.4.5 on my computers for now. However, my patience is running thin. This is twice in a six month span where updates have wreaked havoc with my computers. End users should not be the compatibiltiy testers. ESET is a mainstream product that should be given full attention when compatibility testing in house. Hope you guys can get the bugs ironed out quickly. Thanks.
  2. I’ve learned to drag my feet on Malwarebytes updates as they tend to present problems. When I saw the main (3.5) update was from May 8, I felt safe taking the plunge. Wrong again! Immediately after the update, links on web pages stopped working. On one site I tried to make a purchase and could not go from the shopping cart to checkout page. I then went browsing on Amazon's site. Normally, when shopping on Amazon, I click on the number of reviews and it takes me to area where I can view and read the actual reviews. No longer! The worst part is that uninstalling Malwarebytes 3.5.1 did not fix the issue. It seems the update made PERMANENT changes to my computer. Only upon restoring from an image file, did my system return to normal. Now I start the tedious task of restoring my wife’s computer from an image file. As for me, I will no longer be using Malwarebytes. Routine updates are now routine fiascos. There comes a time to pack your bags and move along.
  3. Inexcusable. I'll have to drive for an hour to fix my Mom's PC. I installed Malwarebytes as a safeguard to keep her from stepping in ch-it on the web. At this point, it seems that Malwarebytes is the ch-it.
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