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  1. Thank You for your patience with me. I hope it is all cleared up. Bless You--and please keep yourself safe!
  2. Oh, I forgot to mention that 8 of the files I wasn't able to delete, I deleted! I had to go deep (like that link above), just following my nose and then back-tracking when I hit a dead end, but I found those buggers, and when I found them in their place, for some reason I was able to delete them! Who knew?
  3. The reason it is taking me so long, is because the file is so deep. C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\ADMIN-PC\Backup Set 2020-03-08 222201\Backup Files 2020-03-29 211518\Backup files 2.zip\C\Users\Admin\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.Windows.Cortana_cw5n1h2txyewy\LocalState\AppIconCache\125 I go to find it and my head is spinning. Btw, I don't use Cortana or One or Edge, and I've been trying to get rid of Edge since I had to go from Win.7pro (where I was perfectly happy--particularly since I don't own a cellphone/smartphone) to Win.10. There is so much trackware/bloatware/sneakware, I cannot
  4. Hi. I found 11 CCleaner files, all .exe which aren't accepted file types by this site. Also, they are far more megabytes than the max total size allowed. I don't know how to get them to you, but none of them will either delete or uninstall. Also, the shortcut CCleaner file that is right next to the Ccleaner file I was able to open and save as text to be able to attach (they won't attach as is, and I don't know why) won't attach either. The CCleaner files are all different ccsetup files, and all .exe I hope you are still there? FRST.txt2.txt Addition.txt2.txt Fixlog.txt c
  5. I updated Libre and Adobe Air. Please let me know how to get rid of this infection.
  6. Hi. I don't use Internet Explorer at all. I have on my computer, but have never used it. I use Firefox. I don't know what Arch is, so I guess I don't use it. I do use Libre Office 6.4, and don't know what Adobe Air is, but I use the Acrobat Reader--which is Adobe, correct? The bug is in my CCleaner. I uninstalled it, but there are 2 files left that will not delete or uninstall. Nothing pops up about them when I attempt to delete them, but they don't delete. If I open my CCleaner, I am able to scan once, and then it freezes and my laptop runs like sludge, and the on
  7. Yay! Fixlog_24-07-2020 16.11.47.txt Fixlog.txt
  8. I moved them to my memory card which has enough memory for them, and now it is fixing.
  9. I have FRST64, Addition.txt, FRST.txt, Fixlist link which I just slid onto my desktop, and fixlist.txt, all on my desktop. Is that okay?
  10. FRST won't download an updated version for me. It has yesterday's date on it. I ran it anyway (the same way I did before) and when it finished I clicked the Fix button, and nothing happened because it said there was nothing loaded in it to fix. I tried downloading the 32-bit, but it said it wasn't compatible with my laptop...thought I'd try to see if it might download today's instead of yesterday's. What am I doing wrong? Something definitely has a hold of my laptop. When I re-boot, there is a faint ghost of something that appears for a nanosecond (all I see is an empty shell) an
  11. Thank You. I will attempt and let you know how it goes. You aren't working tomorrow, by any chance?
  12. I think the problem is with my AdwCleaner. I've downloaded it a few time, now, and it stays the same. First I thought it was the CCleaner, which is why I went to them first, because when I open it up, I can scan once, then it freezes, and the rest of my computer runs like sludge. They said no, it's not that, and to contact you folks.
  13. Thank You. I look at that stuff you posted up there, and I have no idea what it is...may as well be written in Martian. Help, please?
  14. I should have stated that the AdwCleaner does not have a clean and repair option, and no log file comes up.
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