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  1. Btw, I just tried the Dell updates again, and it comes up as up to date! What a concept! :o))))))))))))
  2. Thank you for the link, Porthos. I went through everything with it, then received this: Driver detection not available Please try again later or use the link below to find drivers by Service Tag or see a list of drivers available for your product. I'll try later. You and Maurice have been absolutely AMAZING!!!! I could not have wished for better help than what you so patiently gave me. Bless you both--and the horses you rode in on!!!! YOU ARE WONDERFUL, and have been a pleasure to work with. Blessings to you both!
  3. I have a Dell chipset driver link on my desktop. Should I click on this? I realize I sound like an idiot, but so be it...
  4. My Hp is an all-in-one, fax (I do not have the fax hooked up), scan, copy and print. My laptop problems began with me trying to scan when it wouldn't allow me to...then I went onto HP.com and went through all their garbage for hours, fighting their wanting to put cookies and trackers on my laptop at just about every stroke! This is when it then affected my Mwb, which was the end of my rope, since I do not run my laptop without my Mwb...period. Thankfully you and Porthos both helped me! YAY! Oh, yeah...the HP model is: OfficeJet Pro 9018 (if it makes any difference) SecurityCheck.txt mbst-fix-results.txt
  5. Good Morning, Maurice. I have completed everything you posted for me to do, and as of yesterday night, my Mwb looks like it is okay! I still performed the support tool task (just now) because I figured it wouldn't hurt, and my laptop re-booted and here I am. I thank you SO VERY MUCH for all of your help! When my computer just re-booted, I got that pop-up again stating that Defender had denied access through its firewall to an HP something-or-other and it asked me if I wanted to allow it access anyway, and again I chose not to allow it in. I guess I will keep doing that, because HP is probably going to continue wanting me to allow it through the firewall...but that is the war...and so it goes. Anything else you prescribe for moi?
  6. Hi, Maurice. What would be the point of having Malwarebytes if I cannot use it the way it is intended?
  7. Good Morning, Maurice. I am the only person in my household, so there is no one else making changes to my laptop. If you kindly look at the screen print I sent you of the last "ghosty" you will notice that it isn't just the center pane, it is the whole page that is ghosted any unreachable. None of my settings have changed in security. They are the same as they have been always (for many, many years). About1.doc About2.doc Latest Ghosty.doc General1.doc General2.doc Security1.doc Security2.doc
  8. Hi, Maurice. I hope your day is going well. I clicked on the Win 10 icon on my desktop (the Win 10 upgrade) because I couldn't find Windows Settings, and it immediately went into Win. Update mode. I waited and it came up with this: Maurice Win 10 update.doc
  9. Hi, Maurice. I followed your instructions. I never received "Upgrade this PC now" or " Keep personal files and apps" to make any selection from, but it just went ahead and stated it was a "Win. 10 Setup." This is what it ended with. Win 10 Setup Maurice.doc
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