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  1. I don't know, The question is, is it even malicious? And Is it safe to use?
  2. I seem to have got this, the only thing I had open was YouTube, Facebook, and Ironside Computers, along with an old SinglePlayer Game called BULLY.
  3. Hey Guys and Gals! I seem to be having a small problem with my computer, It seems Malwarebytes won''t run. I've tried Chameleon as well, nothing.. I think something to do with a "Fake" or not Action Center has something to do with it, since I Keep getting messages about Virus protection turned off, I do have Avast! but It's turned on and working.. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. ~Evahh'
  4. is the I.P address for Come.in
  5. Hey Guys, Just wanted to know, why are you blocking come.in? It's a proxy website I use a lot.. Cheers.
  6. Cheers. I just wanted to know from someone on the Malwarebytes Staff, as you guys never lie. - Also, how are you part of the Malwarebytes staff if you only have this one post?
  7. Hey Guys, I did a Malwarebytes scan on my HTC Android phone, as I do, and I remember having 2 Trojans named Trojan.SMS.Agent or something like that. I did succefully remove it, I was just wondering what it would do to my phone if I HAD left it on there. Thanks. ~Evahh'
  8. Thanks bro, huge help. I like to take precautions when doing things like this, as I have done this sort of thing in the past and have somehow managed to screw up a machine.
  9. Another thing, when I update, do I have to uninstall the previous version from the machine first, or will it just overwrite itself. Thanks.
  10. I also have the PRO version of 1.75, if I download the PRO version and enter my key, will it still work?
  11. Which is better, The original Malwarebytes Anti-Malware PRO, or Malwarebytes 2.0 PRO? -- Can someone post some screenshots and some info about 2.0 so I can decide whether or not to upgrade. Cheers. ~Evahh'
  12. Hah, Amazing, Love it, Great ones. Thanks for that, it made my day!
  13. Holy (&*#, Only 78% Battery, GET TO DA CHOPPAAAAAA!!!!!!
  14. I am Never AFK, Just sometimes Away From Malwarebytes Forums.

  15. Okay, thanks. It's actually always kinda scared me, it speaks to you.
  16. But this isn't a Crack or Patch, it's a Trainer, I make my own and download ones, and they're never detected, Virustotal says it's bad, but where it says malwarebytes, it doesn't detect it.
  17. Ah Okay, do you think you can do something with my Cheathappens post in the File Detections. It's had a few views and no posts. I need to know before I do anything, I have it on a spare memory stick so It doesn't infect my computer if it is malicious.
  18. Why won't you? May I Ask? I have nothing to do with this crack, but why not, what's wrong with it?
  19. Is this malware or not, I found this on my old laptop, I did a virustotal scan and 19 says yes. It was always harmless when I used it, never caused my computer any problems... schoolbulliesaremean-ch.zip
  20. See if you can get a Job at Malwarebytes . Or You could try and find something like Programming your own tools for computers and putting them out there as buisness. See how much money you can make. It's very rewarding knowing you helped someone with something you made.
  21. He means that it is not really what's on there, but what's contained on there. You seem to be one of the hosts of the problem, which is why you have been blocked. You might be unblocked if you can find a way to remove anything suspicious. Thanks and Good luck.
  22. Mine seems to be fine, Then again I am a bit of a Computer geek and I have loads of Protection stuff. Anti-Malware, Anti-Spyware, Anti-Virus. Loads of that plus a Really Secure Homemade browser by me. Hope that all the people that have been Infected can sort their machines out. Best of luck to you all. ~Evan..
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