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    Malware, Coding, Blogging, Gaming, Messaging my friends. All sorts of stuff. I am a Computer Neek, I will do anything for money. I will try to give as much useful Info as possible and no more than being a Good guy for the world. Thanks for everything everyone has ever done for me, as of 25.02.14 I have beaten Depression and Self-Harm. --
  1. I don't know, The question is, is it even malicious? And Is it safe to use?
  2. I seem to have got this, the only thing I had open was YouTube, Facebook, and Ironside Computers, along with an old SinglePlayer Game called BULLY.
  3. Hey Guys and Gals! I seem to be having a small problem with my computer, It seems Malwarebytes won''t run. I've tried Chameleon as well, nothing.. I think something to do with a "Fake" or not Action Center has something to do with it, since I Keep getting messages about Virus protection turned off, I do have Avast! but It's turned on and working.. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. ~Evahh'
  4. is the I.P address for Come.in
  5. Hey Guys, Just wanted to know, why are you blocking come.in? It's a proxy website I use a lot.. Cheers.
  6. Cheers. I just wanted to know from someone on the Malwarebytes Staff, as you guys never lie. - Also, how are you part of the Malwarebytes staff if you only have this one post?
  7. Hey Guys, I did a Malwarebytes scan on my HTC Android phone, as I do, and I remember having 2 Trojans named Trojan.SMS.Agent or something like that. I did succefully remove it, I was just wondering what it would do to my phone if I HAD left it on there. Thanks. ~Evahh'
  8. Thanks bro, huge help. I like to take precautions when doing things like this, as I have done this sort of thing in the past and have somehow managed to screw up a machine.
  9. Another thing, when I update, do I have to uninstall the previous version from the machine first, or will it just overwrite itself. Thanks.
  10. I also have the PRO version of 1.75, if I download the PRO version and enter my key, will it still work?
  11. Which is better, The original Malwarebytes Anti-Malware PRO, or Malwarebytes 2.0 PRO? -- Can someone post some screenshots and some info about 2.0 so I can decide whether or not to upgrade. Cheers. ~Evahh'
  12. Hah, Amazing, Love it, Great ones. Thanks for that, it made my day!
  13. Holy (&*#, Only 78% Battery, GET TO DA CHOPPAAAAAA!!!!!!
  14. I am Never AFK, Just sometimes Away From Malwarebytes Forums.

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