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  1. Hi there! For about two, maybe three, weeks? I've been having an issue with Malwarebytes flagging random things at outbound trojans. When I scan, neither application is finding anything. (The only thing ADW flags is the default pre-installed HP programmes and Claro Reader which is an accessibility software I use, but I've never had a reason to uninstall those.) It possibly started when I downloaded Valheim from Steam, or that may have been the first time I actively noticed it. To summarise: Every time I open the Valheim, Malwarebytes immediately flags it as an outbound tro
  2. Hi, I have received a few reports of Trojans on my computer (See report below), I think linked to Microsoft Outlook. Is this a virus on my computer or is it something I am doing. Is it something I need to worry about and get rid of? Many thanks. Paul Malwarebytes www.malwarebytes.com -Log Details- Protection Event Date: 14/04/2021 Protection Event Time: 16:26 Log File: cb067d28-9d35-11eb-8248-7085c2f36b61.json -Software Information- Version: Components Version: 1.0.1249 Update Package Version: 1.0.39401 Licence: Premium -System
  3. Hi, I started using ExitLag to connect games to the internet due to severe lag. However, whenever I start up ExitLag, I get the IP address blocked due to either malware or trojan. Is this a false positive or should I make sure this address is always blocked? Thanks for any information.
  4. RDPWrapper was installed on my PC by an illegitimate Signal .msi I cannot get rid of it, MB finds it , I delete it, and sooner than not it reappears, even after I delete the folder from program files. I'm on a Surfacebook 2 and am tempted to just wipe and reset the whole thing. Any help
  5. Good morning everyone, This is my first post here and the truth is that I am very concerned about an APK that has been downloaded without asking and consent from a web page, to my mobile I will explain myself. I was browsing the internet and the website I was on had pop-up windows that I obviously constantly remove. One of them seemed harmless to me, but when it pop-up again for the second time, Chrome asked me if I wanted to download it again. I got very worried, download something again? I have not downloaded anything and also in the download directory there wasnt anything. As
  6. On Windows 10 PC, getting repeated popups saying "website blocked due to Trojan". I've no doubt that Malwarebytes is keeping my machine safe, but the popups are occurring every 10 seconds and are impossible to ignore. I've run a Malware scan and nothing was found. Rebooting made no difference. How do I stop them? Do I need to clear a cache or something like that? The relevant information would appear to be: -Software Information- Version: Components Version: 1.0.1217 Update Package Version: 1.0.39012 Licence: Premium -System Information-
  7. As the title says MalwareBytes detected GTA5.EXE as a trojan.Im confused by this because i validated the game files and it says its a legtimate game on steam AND i ran a full scan and no threats were found.one thing that confused me was that the action was classified as "Blocked website" when its clearly the application files thats the potential problem here.What scares me the most about this is that after the "website" was blocked i got a bsod after called Kernel security check error,Now i dont know much about computers but im sure that Malwarebytes probably didnt cause it.To anyone who sees
  8. I rented a new VPS on 3/8 and had to add the IP address ( to my ignore list just to login an start migrating websites to it. Today learned that anyone trying to visit any site at that IP address is still getting blocked by Malwarebytes and receiving a trojan warning. When I logged into it via Windows Remote Desktop the first time I could tell it was a fresh installation of Windows Server 2019 DC, so obviously the trojan warning must be due to the last customer using that IP hosting a trojan. How do I get my IP removed from the Malwarebytes blacklist? Also, whenev
  9. Hallo, im sorry to be the 100th person with this problem but it seems to me that every pc has a different silution. Sorry for my english its hard to typ. I've seen multiple forums with this problem but in the last forum i read that if you do the same thing with your pc as the person with the problem you could damage your pc. So what do i need to do? I'll provide you guys with everything you need. I've made a scan with Malware, and i've made sure the Scan for Rootkits and Scan within Archives are both on. Malware log.txt Then i downloaded ADWcleaner and here are the result
  10. Hello all! i need your help please! i brought it to myself, i downloaded a program from a site i didn't know, and it was a malware once downloaded and extracted windows defender detected trojan Win32 Yamacco.AA2B as show in the picture (1) and the problem is i clicked "allow" by mistake then the other one picture(2) trojan win32 Tilevn.A got dettected, i don't remember what i did there since as you see windows says restored or removed from quarantine! then i deleted that program i downloaded, i tried runing it but it was blocked and it said that it contain a virus, so it wasn't instaled
  11. As the title suggests, I turned on my PC this morning and was greeted 9 event notifications until I disabled NordVPN over the course of 4minutes. I've attached the 1st event report below but am happy to upload the other 8 too if needed. Should I be concerned or is this a false-positive? MWB report on NordVPN_1_210121.txt
  12. MalBytes keeps giving me multiple "inbound" and "outbound" trojan notices usually in "bursts" only minutes apart. Two of the most recent: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Malwarebytes www.malwarebytes.com -Log Details- Protection Event Date: 1/3/20 Protection Event Time: 12:24 PM Log File: 514d7710-2e56-11ea-8896-000272c7c0d0.json -Software Information- Version: Components Version: 1.0.785 Update Package Version: 1.0.17183 License: Premium -System Informat
  13. Hello everyone, I would like to begin by saying that this website is amazing. It has led me to find out why my PC performance is so poor in less than an hour when I have been troubleshooting it for months, so thank you. I've been having game performance issues for a few months now. I tried dozens upon dozens of troubleshooting methods without a solution in sight until I noticed something. When I was running a game and opened task manager, my CPU usage would instantly drop from 99% to 50-60%. This reminded me of something I read online about bitcoin miners hiding itself as you open task ma
  14. A few days ago Malwarebytes detected a trojan in my PC and I deleted the infected file (ISO file). Now the program continues detecting connections to dangerous sites (image) but the scan does not detect anything. How can I fix this problem? I have the Malwarebytes Premium Trial 4.3.0. I need help, thank you. ScanReport.txt RTPdetection.txt RTPdetection2.txt
  15. hello, I am the owner of : h t t p s : / / invest . gladys . com A customer has just had a trojan message while wanting to connect to our site. However, it seems clean : https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/e29fbaf3d02373b6bacf80087eaf778aa7ae60bb45ce3f42a6dc32f093dc219a/detection Can you remove it from your blacklist, or give us more information, please? Regards,
  16. Hello, I have recently been alerted by windows security that there is a Trojan virus program on my pc and immediately downloaded malwarebyte to see if I can delete this file. I completed a scan and it singled out the trojan file and then prompted me to quarantine it which I did. I then went on to delete the file from the quarantine although I am not sure this was the right thing to do. Since then I have restarted and rescanned my PC countless times but have not gotten any reports of any new threats on my PC but am still really scared that there still might be some left. Therefor I decided I wo
  17. My computer appears to have been affected by a horrible case of fileless malware, enabling RDP services which may have installed a Clover Bootloader, android emulation Hyper driver, as well as phpmailer. Those are just what I saw from the browsing history. I cannot enable IPV4 DNS to communicate directly with the router. Each time I install any kind of software it spawns more processes and embeds itself further into the OS. I believe there a reverse proxy that’s routing it somewhere, I just can’t figure out what rules are causing it. The issue is very persistent, and whatever malicious to
  18. Hello and apologies if I have posted this in the incorrect place. I recently installed PyInstaller for Python and afterwards did a scan of my PC and the results showed two threats labeled as Trojans. I have attached the scan results (just removed my name from them, no other modifications). I have quarantined them for now but wanted to make sure they weren't false positives. I uploaded the two files onto VirusTotal and here are the results: pyinstaller-4.0-py3-none-any https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/d08ba7024bf330aafc9c405966368c9755d69f00b0ac3dc9f7203407acb2b9f4/detection
  19. I'm getting this message every 2 minutes. I tried running a scan, but nothing comes up. What should my next steps be? Here's the log file information: -Log Details- Protection Event Date: 10/17/20 Protection Event Time: 9:01 AM Log File: d5719e54-1078-11eb-b9ec-b42e99a94455.json -Software Information- Version: Components Version: 1.0.1061 Update Package Version: 1.0.31506 License: Premium -System Information- OS: Windows 10 (Build 18362.1139) CPU: x64 File System: NTFS User: System -Blocked Website Details- Malicious Website:
  20. Hello I just downloaded malwarebytes to try it out since we use it on our company laptops but I wanted to install it for my personal PC as well but since downloading it I have been getting constant prompts about a Trojan detected site from syswow64\ipconfig which just appears to be a standard windows file to get machine information the export of the alert is posted below as well as a screenshot of the popup. The IP Address from that screenshot (to my knowledge) is not my machines IP address. Your assistance is much appreciated. Malwarebytes www.malwarebytes.com -Log Details-
  21. Hi, Downloaded and ran Malwarebytes on my virtual machine. The scan found Trojan.StolenData at C:\USERS\MYUSERNAME\APPDATA\ROAMING\LOCAL. It has been quarantined. Two other minor hack tool items were found. These have been deleted. One is a tool to identify your Windows product key. The second was one to identify your USB devices. They have been removed. Two questions: 1) Windows 10 virtual machine is running via Parallels on a Mac. Mac version of Malwarebyets Premium (4.5.x) did not detect anything. Is the Mac side compromised? 2)What other steps, i
  22. I just discovered that my own site is being blocked by Malwarebytes Browser Guard (I use Home Premium), but Browser Guard doesn't provide any info on what file or files are being identified as a trojan. So we don't know what to remove to fix the problem. The website is: https://www.campaignsandelections.com/ Any ideas? Thanks in advance. We're out of our depth here!
  23. Hi, Running Windows 10 on a Parallels VM. Malwarebytes found a Trojan.StolenData on the VM. I just downloaded Malwarebytes for the VM. I do not know how long it has been present. No Trojans were detected, so this may be remnant of something. I do have Time Machine backups, so I can retro actively check to see when it appeared. Mac is iMac Pro with T2 chip. Is my Mac secure? What do I need to do for my Mac?
  24. I did a normal scan and detected nothing. I was doing a full system scan and I've waited about 3 hours for the scan to end and even then it was still going. It detected normal PUPs but also found a python trojan. I was wondering if Malwarebytes itself could get infected and maybe could have been instead manipulated and changed to leak all scanned files to a remote hacker? The extremely long 3 hour scan that was stuck on "scanning system files" is what worries me.
  25. Hi, Our business website https://wlpayments.com has been marked as malware containing trojan. Our customers are seeing the block notice whenever they are using the malwarebytes products. With this our customers are reluctant to visit the website and we are loosing business. Please look into this as soon as possible and let us know. Thanks,
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