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About a week ago I discovered that my PC was infested with viruses. They were all sitting in the system 32 folder , undetected by AVG until I actually opened the folder. I installed malwarebytes and superantispyware, and got rid of a few more nasties. Then I started having problems with a few programs not opening up properly so decided to go the whole hog and do a reformat. Was probably long overdue anyway to be honest.

Restored to original condition and I installed the following BEFORE plugging in the internet connection..

Bit defender - as ad hoc scanner

AVG8 - as ad hoc scanner

Avira - as resident shield



Spyware blaster

McAfee personal firewall

Spybot S&D



Restored connection, and did all updates including windows updates.

All was well until today when Avira picked up TR/trash.gen in system restore volume. I can

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After the first time of running and removing infections, when you noticed programs not responding thats a sign that the programs may have been compromised and become corrupted from the infections, the best thing to do is after cleaning the system, uninstall and reinstall any programs having issues, this should fix them. The whole format thing was a waste of time unless you already tried doing this and still had the same issues.

To be completely honest with you but thats a little over kill, its best to have one security program that does it all for you. Having multiple security prorgams on the system only hurts it more than it helps. I recommend using the AVG Internet Security and Malwarebytes.

These two are what I run and I never have any problems. Plus it doesnt matter what security prorgams you run, the best security prorgam in the world can not protect you if you ignore and allow an infection on, safe surfing and education is the key to a well rounded protection.

To learn more about how infections trick you I recommend reading this site: http://www.pchelperdesk.com Its a site I have been working on. Its still a work in progress but is ment to be a centralized area to read and learn about infections.

I hope this helps

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In my experience a layered approach is generally best and no "all-in-one" solution can possibly stop or even detect every active infection on the net on any given day and as long as you use a good mix of active and passive software to protect yourself you should be in great shape as long as the softwares don't conflict with one another. You do have to be careful having more than one antivirus installed though, unless it's something portable like Clamwin due to the kernel level drivers they use because even if one of your on demand antiviruses isn't running in the background, it's drivers still get loaded with every boot and can cause conficts. But as far as antispyware and antimalware tools go, I never put my trust in just one. You can see my signature to see what I'm running, and since I started using it this way about 2 years ago I have yet to encounter a single infection, and I double check with on demand scans from various online scans and portable scanners as well. But of course, as IT Expert said, the absolute best protection is education and also safe habits.

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