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  1. I thought I started this in the correct thread o well. 9,000 infections now thats crazy, lol. Guess this customers system was as jacked up as I thought it was compairing it to others. And yea I noticed alot of it was from scan logs from rogues. Whats really funny is looking back at the date and time, this system has been infected since 2004 lol
  2. Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware www.malwarebytes.org Database version: 6991 Windows 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3 (Safe Mode) Internet Explorer 8.0.6001.18702 7/1/2011 12:23:08 AM mbam-log-2011-07-01 (00-23-08).txt Scan type: Full scan (C:\|) Objects scanned: 397209 Time elapsed: 1 hour(s), 4 minute(s), 26 second(s) Memory Processes Infected: 0 Memory Modules Infected: 0 Registry Keys Infected: 4 Registry Values Infected: 1 Registry Data Items Infected: 3 Folders Infected: 15 Files Infected: 3156 Worste PC Ever.txt
  3. I'm an authorized reseller of malwarebytes digital edition, how ever I'm very close to opening up a store front and would be interested in selling the box edition. How can I get hooked up with that?
  4. Great news, Looking forward to the new 1.47 edition of mbam, if you guys need a beta tester, let me know admin@nicklockard.com
  5. I sure hope this issue can be fixed, I sell both AVG anti-virus & Mbam to my customers. Realistically not 1 program will ever be 100% at protecting the system and thats why its recommened to secure with layers of protection. If AVG can not get over this fact then this maybe the time I will have to give my users a choice, pick one or the other. This doesn't seem like the most logically solution.... Kicking AVG to the curb could be one option, how ever a lot of my customers love AVG and renew it religiously through me which would mean loss profits, they need to fix this issue before this causes some serious down time and customer loss
  6. Hey Jon, hope all is well with you and your family, stay in touch talk to you later!

  7. I dont understand how that would work, I have comcast home service which means im on a public dhcp lease server. I dont know how that would work if I got a static public from godaddy, I didnt even know such options existed. The way I am able to host my sites from my home using comcast with out a static public ip is using DDNS. I do not need a static public IP, as of yet anyways. Just because godaddy has some issues, this shouldnt effect my site, my urls are being directed to my DDNS name which is then pointed to my local router / server. Which is 100% safe and healthy. I need malwarebytes to allow my site as it very tough to resell malwarebytes when the program claims the site is malicious.
  8. The free edition doesnt include the avg's firewall. Its the firewall that flagged it and deleted it. Since I enabled windows firewall and turned off AVG's firewall it hasnt happend since
  9. I to have had a client of mine who runs avg internet security 8.5 and paid edition of malwarebytes. AVG deleted apart of malwarebytes and was getting that 715(2.0) or something like that, After removing malwarebytes and running the mbam-clean.exe i think its called, fixed the issue, as with out running that cleaner tool reinstalling malwarebytes wasnt working.
  10. And what hosting company do you recommend thats safe and cheap, as each of my urls were only 20 bucks for 2yrs.
  11. So even since I host my own site "the first 2" because my DNS records are using godaddy's (this is where I bought the domain name "url") the DNS is infected? Reason I ask, my ISP is comcast Im on a public dhcp lease so my IP is dynamic and will change from time to time. I have setup DDNS to allow me to host my sites. I do not have my own DNS server so if I were to host my own or list in a different dns server would this help? I'm just trying to figure out what I can do, it doesnt look good if the security I'm selling is telling my own customers my sites infected.. Furthermore the IP address it claims to be blocking isnt even my ip let alone an ip on my same subnet. Thanks for any info you can share on how I can get this issue fix
  12. I'm a Malwarebytes reseller, one of my clients pointed out an issue to me today. Malwarebytes was blocking a few sites that aren't infected for example my website I host the first 2 I listed below, I know for a fact they are healthy. http://www.nicklockard.com http://www.pchelperdesk.com These 2 sites also seem healthy, but I do not host them so I can not be 100% on that http://www.lacrosseplayground.com http://www.pgigroup.com I was foreced to disable this security feature. Malwarebytes next edition needs to have a way to allow site you know are safe. Any other ways or ideas I can use to tell my customers how they can get around it with out turn it off? Thanks, Nick Lockard
  13. Wow really, that sucks. I have used them to verify a ton of different files / program names. Does anyone know what happened?
  14. Microsoft XML Core Services (MSXML) allows customers who use JScript, Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript), and Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 to build high-performance XML-based applications that provide a high degree of interoperability with other applications that adhere to the XML 1.0 standard. You should leave it, this in a nut shell is the instructions on how to run some scripts
  15. I would try and scan it in safemode, and or safe mode with networking just to make sure you have the newest updates in place. Hope this helps
  16. I did not save the logs, but I will next time. I have long since formated over my infection box. I will keep an eye on it, I typically always scan quick first then scan full just to make sure everythings gone.
  17. Your welcome, yeah the best way to tell if a program in vista is already going to run it as the admin is on the icon with have a shield on it, this means its going to run as admin. Sounds like it was already running it as admin if no items where found second time by
  18. After the first time of running and removing infections, when you noticed programs not responding thats a sign that the programs may have been compromised and become corrupted from the infections, the best thing to do is after cleaning the system, uninstall and reinstall any programs having issues, this should fix them. The whole format thing was a waste of time unless you already tried doing this and still had the same issues. To be completely honest with you but thats a little over kill, its best to have one security program that does it all for you. Having multiple security prorgams on the system only hurts it more than it helps. I recommend using the AVG Internet Security and Malwarebytes. These two are what I run and I never have any problems. Plus it doesnt matter what security prorgams you run, the best security prorgam in the world can not protect you if you ignore and allow an infection on, safe surfing and education is the key to a well rounded protection. To learn more about how infections trick you I recommend reading this site: http://www.pchelperdesk.com Its a site I have been working on. Its still a work in progress but is ment to be a centralized area to read and learn about infections. I hope this helps
  19. Yes run as admin, however it should auto run it as admin. If not theres a chance the items may not be deleted. Just right click on the exe and click run as administrator and then update and rescan to be safe
  20. Make sure to allow the firewall exception. Any 3rd party firewall will block updates.
  21. lol ok you got me on that one, i do stand corrected! It didnt help the situation so it slipped my mind
  22. When I find an issue that malwarebytes isnt fixing, by me posting about it is intended on making malwarebyte better. I'm a reseller of this product and only intent is not milking for free advice, because so far I havent learned anything that I didnt already know. I'm in search of a resolution in the nasty bug. The only way malwarebytes will be the best it can is if everyone that finds issues that are not being fixed by malwarebytes is by reporting it. I know I mite have came off on here the wrong way, I do apologize if thats the case. I only charge people if I connect and do the job for them, anyone can copy and paste how to's for people for free which is what happens here. But when you do the work for them thats another story. There are alot of people that do not want to follow the instructions and just want it fixed with out paying geek squad 300+ dollars. Thats where I come in, these are the people that will also be buying malwarebytes so its in the best interest to update malwarebytes with the needed definition to correct these types of issues.
  23. The great news is with the newest client 2.41 its much better now, Its now faster than teamviewer. They are still working on a few cool features which will help out the connection. I have been connected to a computer for over 12hrs no problems Are you talking about crossloop or me?
  24. Well mister expert if you read my full profile you would see the title FREE DIAGNOSTIC & ADVICE. The "free estimates" is a built in feature to EVERYONEs page if you wish to display that. I would have listed it on the first post but I can edit it my listings. Crooploop doesnt pay anyone, customers pay, and only if you want them to not required, crossloop is TOTALY FREE to use for anyone. If you look around the market place you will see some people dont change anything. This is a great tool to use, because its FREE and very user friendly. Could make some of your jobs even easier, instead of posting instructions on how to, you could do it for them, and not have to charge them anything if you dont want to.
  25. I dont work for them, its a program and ANYONE can sign up to be a helper for free, you can do free work if you wish to,I offer free advice and diagnostics, just curious to see if anyone else does on here
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