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  1. The critical error is "SPF MUST allow Google servers to send mail on behalf of domain." I don't want Google sending mail on my behalf, so this is actually a good thing and not a problem. When there was a problem, Google's "Check MX" tool was showing an error that basically meant there were no nameservers for the domain. Hover managed to mess something up with the nameserver information so that it wasn't usable, even though it appeared correctly in WHOIS. This meant that the domain wasn't usable, and since they didn't seem to accept that there could be something wrong on their end I don't have a problem with having switched registrars.
  2. +1 Many people would be happy to have an option for the old UI.
  3. It's possible it doesn't like your web browser. Did you try with any other web browsers?
  4. My registrar (Hover) appears to think it is too good to use Limestone's nameservers, so my domain won't resolve to my server's IP address, which means no one can access (including my hpHosts mirror and Malware Domain Blocklist mirrors). Since an essential feature at Hover is not working, and they have not responded to my support request, I am trying to transfer the domain to another registrar. That transfer has said "In Progress" for several hours now, so it doesn't look like will be back up for a while. You know, as much as I wanted to get away from GoDaddy, at least their system worked right... And no, I'm not transferring back to GoDaddy. I'm trying a registrar that I'd never heard of, but which sounds promising. They also have a "No Bullsh*t" promise, which at least sounds nice (could just be a cheap marketing tactic).