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  1. I did as you suggested and the scan was clear. Thanks!
  2. My scan detects a slew of PUPs. It looks to me like most are maybe related to browser extensions. Anyway, I'm not sure what to do. If I quarantine, will that crash the extension or leave it inoperable? mbam scan results.txt
  3. I understand what you are saying. I trust what you are telling me. I also trust what the other guy said. Maybe I'm all wet, but I feel these are both good programs. If I had to pay for renewal of mbam I would have to consider which one I would use because I couldn't afford both. But since I do have the lifetime license of mbam I figure I've got extra protection by using both, as long as they are not interfering with each other. So should I make the same exclusions to the mbam program for Emsisoft?
  4. All I know is that when I changed my user name from my email address to Nikilet it worked. So guess I'll see what happens next time.
  5. It's paid, but I got in on that lifetime license deal and they are honoring it. Yes, I definitely want to keep Emsisoft. According to the guy who worked on my computer and removed mbam, Emsisoft is the only way to go. According to you, mbam is the only way to go. I have loved and trusted both programs so I guess I'll just stick to what I was doing before he took liberties and removed one of them without my knowledge.
  6. So then if I'm understanding everything from "For Windows Defender Add these to file exclusions" should actually be added to Emsisoft, and including "Add to Process Exclusions" and also the two additional folders listed at the very bottom. I was using my email as my user name and apparently that was not how I originally set it up. It seems to be working now.
  7. I looked for a different forum to address this issue, but I couldn't find anything appropriate. When I tried to log in for the first time in awhile yesterday it wouldn't let me. So I reset my password. Today when I tried to log in it wouldn't let me again so I had to reset password again. What am I doing wrong? I'm wondering if it's my identity. I'm using my email address but maybe previously I used something else. I don't know what else it could be since it wouldn't accept the new password I just assigned yesterday.
  8. Yes I do need assistance. I tried to follow Porthos instructions but I stalled out because I'm not understanding. The items in the red bracket were added, with the exception of that last one. I could not find that file at all. But all those exclusions were added to the MBAM program and I'm now thinking that was wrong. Were those under "For Windows Defender" supposed to be added to the Windows Defender program? And if so, how do I do that? Then we move on to the rest and I don't understand. Where are these Process Exclusions supposed to be added ... And also the two additional folders? I think Porthos instructions need to be more clear for me because I fear I've messed this up even as far as I went. Please help soon!
  9. Windows 10 V. 1903 Recently someone worked on my computer. I'd had Malwarebytes and Emsisoft running together for a long time with no problems. This person didn't think I should have Malwarebytes so uninstalled it. I left things as they were for a short time, but have decided I want Malwarebytes back. Please advise where to get the download file, and will I have to make any exclusions to run this alongside Emsisoft?
  10. No, I had not, but I have now, for the C:\Program Files\Dell item. I don't know the full name for that other, longer description so I didn't do any more with that.
  11. No, I do not know which program caused the problem. I have no idea what you are talking about with this: Yes, that should work as long as you left the option Exclude from detection as malware, ransomware or potentially unwanted item selected when you created it. Where do I find this option so I can see if it's selected?
  12. I recently got a new desktop. I"m having trouble with the SupportAssist feature. someone from Dell worked on it by remote and determined it was Mbam and/or Emsisoft. He added permissions to both programs and it worked one time and now it won't again. When it wanted to run yesterday I finally shut down Mbam and Emsisoft and then it completed fine Maybe the Dell tech didn't add the right files to give SA permission so I thought I would check here. This (screenshot) is what was done. Does that box preceding the Dell item need to be checked?
  13. Yes, I looked for a file. There wasn't one.
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