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  1. it's not your fault , the attach files only available download for admin , the normal user(members) can't direct download the attach files . If the bug you are talking about was same as David H. Lipman posted , it happened on me too , but this is not a serious issue , guess official will fix it someday , lol .
  2. Dear Malwarebytes , SYM is a well-known and popular locomotive manufacturers pretty in Taiwan , but the official website had be block by Malwarebytes premium and browser guard because Trojan , please help recheck and confirm , thanks . tw.sym-global.com
  3. I am glad to hear that , big thanks for your reply and help . ☺️
  4. Daer @AdvancedSetup , Thanks for your reply , if you don't mind , i would like to know , does Malwarebytes have any plans for simplified Chinese in the future? As i know this request had be asking for many Chinese user long time ago , but seems Malwarebytes official did not positive responses , some of Chinese user still hope there will be a simplified Chinese support by official . If i didn't make mistake , Malwarebytes's translate wasn't provide from volunteer , it was translate by professional translators which MB official paid fo
  5. Wrong place , bro , you should go the right place to report the issue .
  6. wait .... version ? if i didn't misunderstand , Malwarebytes official newest Beta version was component update 1.0.946 , post at 2 days ago . https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/257042-malwarebytes-41-beta/?do=findComment&comment=1385921 Can't find any official information for version ..... (however indeed using Google can find many website or news mark as version ) 🤔🤔
  7. -Website Information- Category: Trojan Domain: host.easylife.tw IP address: Port: 443 Type: Connected File: 😄 \ Program Files \ Mozilla Firefox \ firefox.exe VirusTotal show scan result is clean , please help reanalysis it , thx . https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/4f843eed34c3942da05be41071930ad7a38229ca421ce4e24028a846cd5e2495/detection
  8. Great news ! Happy to know the issue with Kaspersky had be fix , i will try it on my laptop later , thanks for MB's team work hard on this issue ~
  9. Thanks for answer , feel a bit sad about it , hope Malwarebytes will release the new version and fix the compatibility with Kaspersky very soon ~
  10. Hi , Did MB's new version with Component package 1.0.835 already had this update ?
  11. Dear Malwarebytes , The link for www.mtcbus.com.tw Should not be a phishing website , MTCBus is a bus services company in Taiwan . Please help reanalysis , thx .
  12. Dear Malwarebytes , MB had detected and blocked a server for testing internet contact speed on www.speedtest.net , tpv3-1.speedtest.idv.tw reason is " riskware " . However i believe this is a FP , please help reanalysis it . Thanks .
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