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  1. Hello cgtracydms, I have updated your private message. I will close topic as you are being assisted with corporate support. Thank you very much.
  2. I have my GPS function powered-off however I still will send my nearest cell tower my approximate location... le sigh.
  3. Windows Key + X is my favorite thing ever for Windows 8. I love the New Start Screen, and just clicking windows key and typing the app I want is what I use. Then I dock stuff into the Start Menu for things I can just quickly launch. Then shutdown is just simply Windows Key + I, then a click. I'm very much in favor of Windows 8. I hope they can disable this new button...
  4. Hello MikeRepairsComputers, We do take ownership of folders prior to restoring the files when running our fix. It seems like something has gone wrong within the system. Please contact our support helpdesk so that they can provide alternate fixes for the issue you are experiencing. Thank you.
  5. Hello Jackwnoe, Do you have a errors.txt file after running the fix batch file? If so can you copy/paste the contents in your next reply? Thank you.
  6. Hello Jackwnoe, Do you have a errors.txt file after running the fix batch file? If so can you copy/paste the contents in your next reply? Thank you.
  7. Hello Jackwnoe, The restore all button within MBAM will restore the files to their proper locations, which includes those files for itunes and winamp. IF you are unable to boot into windows please boot into safe mode with networking and run the fix file. IF you have any other questions please create a new topic describing your issue so that you can get 1 on 1 assistance from a forum helper or staff. Thank you.
  8. Hello kaschacht, Another way to clear the Quarantine list within MBAM is to manually delete the files within MBAM's quarantine folder. This is to be done while knowing full well the files have already been restored to their original location. Thank you.
  9. With that database and with Protection Module enabled you should not get any detections. Can you please attach your 3 most recent protection module logs? Thank you.
  10. Hello Stalker90, What database version are you currently using on that system? Thank you.
  11. I feel tailwaggers is a place to vent off and try to feel better. This tragedy hit home to a lot of users and it puts things in perspective and my thoughts are with those in Boston.
  12. Hello jackwnoe, Yes, please use the fix tool to have your items restored from quarantine. That should leave your system in a state that can still be used. Thank you for your patience.
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