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can't use touchpad....


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Today, I finally recieved a new 64 bit laptop to replace a computer that should have been put out of its misery long ago (sentimentalism kept it running <_<), everything is great with this new comp, but I can't use the touchpad. It worked fine for like 5 minutes than it stopped completely. I can use a mouse ok with it, however.

It is an Inspiron 5030. Any suggestions?

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Hello byte_king,

Have you reinstalled the driver for the laptop's touch-pad?

Also, perhaps reverting to a restore point that the touch-pad was completely working can be an option.

I would first check the properties in your hardware manager to ensure the device is working properly.

Thank you

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I reinstalled the drivers and it seems the touchpad driver was missing for whatever reason, somewhere in all the updates it must have gotten deleted along the way (how, I have no idea). I will let you know if it works once I restart how it goes, though that may not be for a few hours yet. Thanks for your suggestions! :D

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Sometimes windows update will replace some of your drivers.... I usually do not allow those to install cause it may cause issues. I always get my drivers from the manufacture.....

Word. Did I tell you how Windows Update screwed up my netbook? I didn't have printer drivers and thought WU would help. I was so wrong. Instead of finding, downloading and installing the drivers, it kept filling up my system drive more and more, until I blocked wuauclt.exe from running, using a 3rd party product (prefer not to disclose which one). I had about 500 MB free on my system (C:) drive, and after that fiasco, I was left with only about 80 MB. I had to transfer much data to my other drive, and I never found what did wuauclt.exe actually spew. Of course, I never got the printer to work on there so I just installed Linux and it worked straight away.

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