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  1. I can say from personal experience that MBAM is the real deal, my friend. It rocks!
  2. hello, I just came back from the Azores, I tried uploading some pics but for whatever reason they dont seem to want to upload (keep getting Upload Error IO message) I can now resume reading your posts in the background.
  3. My brain breaks on this forum all the time
  4. Haha, I'm leaving bermuda to go to the Azores . I shall make my escape from the Triangle....Hopefully it wont catch me :|
  5. I'm leaving Bermuda to go on vacation in the Azores to see family. I'll be off the forums for about three weeks or so. Have a great night
  6. Personally, I find Opera to be very, very good. It's my favorite of all the browsers.
  7. HA! i DON'T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED, BUT THE HONORARY MEMBERS FORUM IS BACK! Maybe I was logged out, when I thought I was logged in or something. Either way, its back! Weird. My bad Woot.
  8. OK, So I've been living under a rock for the last 2 months because I had 7 exams and its been frantic. Consequently, I've been away from the forum for a while. What happened to the Honorary Members sub forum?
  9. Thank you everyone, I've been in exam mode for the last two weeks so I'm just seein g this thread now. Thank you all so much! What did I do on my birthday? I slept in bed all day because I had the flu! Good times....
  10. Like Exile, I collect action figures. I'm starting to eek out a respectable transformers collection. I also collect essential and fragrance oils
  11. I'm starting to think it is a driver issue....though I'm not 100% sure. How can I find the drivers I need?
  12. So, it seems my previous assumption that this update caused the issue is incorrect. When the system image installed itself everything was working fine. As soon as I restarted (I haven't done anything) the issue has come about again. I'm at the end of my rope here!
  13. Arg, now I cant seem to get rid of this driver!!!!! System restore fails to get rid of it now (keeps coming up as a failure) and I can't find the Intel driver under the uninstall update menu. Help! :S
  14. The update in question is Intel Corporation -Display - Mobile Intel® 4 series express chipset family. I doubt a hub would work since a hub has to be hooked into a USB drive anyways, doesn't it?I have no experience with hubs so I'm not totally sure,but if it requires USB 2.0 and I apply the update I'm doubtful it will work. I have confirmed that no power is getting to the ports. I checked device manager and something about the update causes the drivers to fail to be detected. I'll attach a snip shot I took of it.If I do a system restore and uninstall this particular driver update, everything returns to normal according to device manager. And yeah, it is a laptop. Thanks for your help
  15. Hello, I've had this issue before a week ago, but was able to fix it with a system restore. Now, it is just getting annoying. I have a Dell Inspiron n5030 running W7 x64. Basically, the issue is occasionally upon booting my PC all USB devices fail to be recognized. My wireless mouse, external HDD, anything requiring USB 2.0 fails to connect. In fact, it looks like power is not even getting to these devices.I had my blackberry hooked up at the time to let it charge and as soon as the issue hits, the bb warned me no power was getting to it. So, whatever is causing this, it's preventing power from reaching the USB ports. The first time this happened, I was messing around with system settings and simply did a system restore not thinking much about it. This morning, I installed an update via Windows Update and as soon as I restarted the issue manifested itself. A system restore fixed, but reapplying the update created the problem again. What is going on? :S
  16. check this link out: a guy used FB to foil some robbers that broke into his house
  17. Thanks, I figured it'll come to that so I took your suggestion and uninstalled it
  18. Hello, I recently received a new computer and I have Opera 11 set as my default web browser. However, every time I try to open a link, anywhere be it Live Mail or within Windows, Chrome opnes and not Opera. Opera would open up all links and what not, but as soon as Chrome was installed this started happening, it doesn't even ask if it can be a default browser. I have no idea what's going on here, can anyone help me with this? I would appreciate it. If not, I'll simply just uninstall it.
  19. pretty soon, we'll be having malware for these devices too
  20. Hello, I reinstalled the drivers and it seems the touchpad driver was missing for whatever reason, somewhere in all the updates it must have gotten deleted along the way (how, I have no idea). I will let you know if it works once I restart how it goes, though that may not be for a few hours yet. Thanks for your suggestions!
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