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  1. Happy birthday and best wishes Ade.
  2. Yes, what's important are the results, and McAfee certainly doesn't provide satisfactory ones. From the perspective of righteousness, I could argue wildly about the reasons. But from the perspective of an end user, I don't care about the reasons either.
  3. You might also want to dual boot Linux or run it in VirtualBox if you're going multi-platform.
  4. It may be a sign of a failing HD, I recommend you to check the HD's SMART data. Speccy should be able to read it. If it started after installing VMWare, it might be a driver issue. Try uninstalling VMWare and doing anything you would do that would make the cursor freeze.
  5. What version of Windows are you running? Did you install any updates recently? When did the problem start? Does it also happen in safe mode?
  6. I plan on getting it installed on the computers in the company where I have work experience. We had quite a bit of malware trouble lately, and I believe MBAM would take great care of the computers.
  7. Just FYI: words like "hacking", "cracking", "pirating", etc. provoke passionate anger in some of the members here, because they were caught in the act and have now apparently "ascended to the light side". Keep it up though, I can't object, as that's what I do myself.
  8. It's more than a good idea. I don't think anyone wants to be confined to a single platform, especially the one that's a PITA to develop for.
  9. You mean it physically disappears? Just kidding. Are you still able to click on things when it disappears?
  10. They have a history of being bribed or otherwise convinced to mark unsafe sites as safe. E.g. Once in the past: Today: (I clicked on the first image on Google and got the second one.) And there are more sites like AdwareAlert, Uniblue, etc. Hell, they still have StopZilla as green. Seems like your users did, McAfee. Good job. About the Avast question, I don't know, sorry. I never used their WebRep. Avast is a good antivirus though, so I doubt the ratings can be bad. As for WOT, it's definitely better than McAfee. Saying that "WOT can be biased" is like saying Wikipedia can be biased. Yes, it can, in theory, but it rarely actually is. WOT is used by everyone from the average user to malware experts, and that's exactly the good thing about it: rogue authors are not going to bribe the users to spread good lies about them. They're going to bribe McAfee, and by that, I mean companies in general.
  11. Wait, wait... Do you want your programs to be multi-platform?
  12. No squirrels around here but there are many cats on the streets, luckily they're rather fast in general.
  13. Exactly. You will see the old version in the GUI, but Malwarebytes will use the new one.
  14. You know what they say, the only stupid question is the question not asked.
  15. Sorry, I didn't mean that personally, and I don't want to destroy your motivation, I'm just saying how difficult it is to develop a game. Coding it is just a part of the overall work. You need to test everything thoroughly, maintain and update the code often enough, and the most important part: reach an audience. Know what they say, coding is only one half of the job. The other one is deployment. Again, I don't want to demoralize you. Nay, quite the contrary, if you require any assistance with the development, I would be glad to help.
  16. I concur. GIMP is open source and it's the best drawing program I have used so far. It's cross-platform and doesn't require tons of libraries and other useless baloney.
  17. I'm glad you got everything working normally. If you encounter any other issues, let us know and we'll help in any way we can.
  18. Programming (mostly C and PHP) and creating oldskool tracker music.
  19. If you don't know what's a good language to write a game in, then you shouldn't be thinking about writing a game any time soon. But since you asked, I am obliged to answer. Definitely C or C++. Assembly is excellent if you want blazing fast execution, but a huge drawback is that it's completely non-portable and the code requires great skill to maintain. In other words, it's good for writing platform-dependent libraries. If you want to learn to program, don't start with an actual language. Start with programming paradigms and concepts. Then pick a strong language such as C. You don't want to be using any of that VB crap or anything alike. It's only good for the fiddly-diddly draggy 'n droppy crap.
  20. How about a Malwarebytes "God mode"? Runs under SYSTEM, randomly named driver and other files, updates via an encrypted tunnel, runs several processes simultaneously to check if one of them was terminated, etc.
  21. It's okay to re-use the same license if you haven't used it anywhere else. Basically, you're not allowed to use the same license on two separate computers. By "actively using" I meant simply "using". As in, having it installed on a working computer with a working OS. Mods, please correct me if I'm wrong.
  22. If it's a user application, go to Add/Remove Programs and uninstall it, then re-download and reinstall it. If it's a Windows component, also go to Add/Remove Programs, but then go to Add/Remove Windows Components and reinstall that component, but be sure to have your Windows CD nearby. Either that, or just uninstall it if you don't need it.
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