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I've been trying to get ahold of someone from malwarebytes to purchase 100 licenses. I have sent e-mails, used the websites form, created a forum post, AND PMed AdvancedSetup.

Then to top it off, the forum post I opened asking for help, GETS CLOSED WITHOUT ME RECEIVING ANY RESPONSE.

I think malwarebytes is an awesome product, I just don't understand why its so hard to purchase it.

What do I have to do to buy 100 licenses?

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As a licensed corporate user, technician, reseller, affiliate or non-profit user you have access to the corporate helpdesk, contact them via the email address below.


They will assist you in this matter. Please provide your corporate license information when requesting help.

Please add the domains malwarebytes.org and salesforce.com to any spam filters or junk mail exclusion features in your email client to assure our replies get to you.

All corporate and non-profit sales inquiries can be handled by contacting our corporate sales offices. Our sales team is working hard to respond to all inquiries received as quickly as possible.

Responses that include complete contact information (phone, email, company, address, etc) via our corporate webform below are prioritized:


They will be able to provide you with a fully functioning trial version with additional options unique to networking environments and the special needs of IT administrators as well as answer all your questions.

These will be responded to over an anonymous email requesting a response. Please add the domains malwarebytes.org and salesforce.com to any spam filters or junk mail exclusion features in your email client to assure our replies get to you. Thank you

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Hi AMIS. :)

The ones in the stores are not licensed for commercial use. Those are for the general public and are lifetime license. Corporate customers require a yearly subscription. :)

Understood.... just to my knowledge there is no automated way to purchase corporate licenses.

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I haven't received any answer to my two questions through e-mail contact and am quite frustrated.

I would like to receive a response. Thank you.

Hello Phil,

It is not really appropriate to post email correspondence on a public forum so your post was modified to remove it.

I've contacted Sales to aks them to get in touch with you.

Here are the question you were asking and I'll provide some basic information for you, but you'll need to speak with Sales to discuss futher.

  • Our team was interested in only purchasing the license(s) for our tech team (2, 3, or 4?) members. It would be stressed that the product would be installed, ran, and then removed upon completion of the malware removal. Does the product also incorporate detection and removal of rootkits? We have recommended using Rootkit Revealer for that purpose, but do not want to continue using additional products if we do not have to.
  • Yes the product does detect quite a variety of root kits. There are some though that may require additional tools. Your listed tool though good also does not always detect everything and that is the nature of this business as it's quite difficult to keep on top of the many new variations or new infections released every day around the clock. If you search the Web though I think you'll find that our product is one of the most recommended products for fighting Malware
  • Looking at the cost of one Malwarebytes license for one software install is minimal, but getting a Technician's license appears to be costly. Why is that? At UW Colleges and UW-Extension, we are licensed audited for compliance.
  • I'm not sure where you're going with pricing as the per station cost is much more than a few Technician's licenses. That said I can also tell you that going around and fixing computers after the fact is probably ten fold that cost that an installed version running live protection and web blocking would prevent infection in the first place thus allowing your Technicians to have more time doing other more productive tasks.

Thank you for contacting Malwarebytes and Sales should contact you again soon.

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