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Very slow update to DB4351

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Anybody else finding the latest update from DB4450 to ~51 taking much longer than usual to download? An update normally takes around 5-7 sec on my system; this one took just over 2 min. I'd aborted it earlier a couple of times when it proved to be slow in starting off.

Can't remember a previous update ever taking anything more than seconds to download.

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I suppose that now that the d/loads are over 5.0 now they will take a bit longer -

Went from Version 4350 - 4352 just now and only took a few seconds over the usual time -

Could be a local internet problem with that much change in times -

You picked up an extra 100 D/B updates - That is why it took so long :) -

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Even so 5mb shouldn't take around 2min to download; and again updating from -51 to -52 was really slow. Very strange. Must have a careful look at my setup to see if anything's up.

Yeah...you're probably right, noknojon. I'll not be in a hurry to do anything much at all for now.

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4353 was quite quick; still not quite as quick as I'm used to. Must be down to too many peeps on the intertubes.

Can the world please stop using the internet while I update MBAM?

Thank you.


...4354...that's better, though not as good as it could be, mind you.

@ World: you may now resume using the internet. And thank you for waiting patiently for me :)

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I had a similar situation this evening when attempted to do a update from 4347 to 4352 I noticed that normally malwaerbytes updates in a matter of seconds the program just sat there idle for seconds with no activity so I aborted and started over same thing I again aborted went to this forum to check if anyone else was having any problems when I saw this post I then attempted to update again and it worked this time but still much slower than usual.

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@ Firefox

You are great.

@ Marcus

I learned a long time ago that patience is a virtue.

Happily at 4354 and a Flash scan found nothing. :)


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